November/December 2016
Winners Circle

Selling outstanding plants is crucial to the success of your business and reputation. That’s why Lawn & Garden Retailer compiles this list of top performers. Each year, multiple associations throughout the U.S. and abroad evaluate... more »

November/December 2016
Outside the Vines: A Vision Come True

Whether a landscape or a wedding, every project starts with a vision. The Sentimentalist in Atlanta, Georgia, has built its name on helping brides make their dreams and visions a reality. Brides near and far... more »

November/December 2016
You Have the Power!

On a recent Friday evening, I was meandering through a regional shopping mall and passed an Apple store. As you know, Apple recently introduced its new iPhone 7 series of smartphones, and off-duty police officers... more »

November/December 2016
An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Loss

It is a topic that is frustrating and causes a great deal of angst, but nevertheless it still exists and can affect your garden center’s bottom line. It is retail theft. The bottom-line impact on... more »

November/December 2016
7 Steps to Make Your IGC Pop

You specialize in gardens and know that success in growing healthy plants depends on fertilizing the garden to provide nutrients and enrich the soil to maximize the garden’s yield. So too, specialty garden centers and... more »

November/December 2016
A Sweet Experience

Chocolate is a staple in life as far as I am concerned. Even if I ate a huge meal, you can find me less than 10 minutes later saying, “I just have to have a... more »

September/October 2016
Going Mobile

The Yarnover Truck and The Flower Truck are two retailers that have opted for wheels instead of brick-and-mortar stores, proving the mobile concept is no longer just for food businesses. Whether these trucks have become... more »

September/October 2016
Behave Like a Startup

Again this year, I had the honor to be asked to judge the five finalists for the 2016 Merchandiser of the Year recognition sponsored by Lawn & Garden Retailer and, from what I hear, not... more »

September/October 2016
Back to Basics

Foot traffic may be strong, inventory may be right and customer reviews online shout out your store is stellar. Despite these strong attributes, however, sales don’t always add up to what you want them to... more »

September/October 2016
A Distinctive Story

Continuously asking yourself and your team where you want to take the business in the future can do a world of good. This exact question is what led owners Bud and Lisa LeFevre to make... more »

September/October 2016
On Four Wheels

Mobile businesses are here to stay, and they’re not only in urban environments. There were more than 4,000 food trucks throughout the U.S. in 2015 that brought in $1.2 billion, according to Mobile-Cuisine. I must... more »

August 2016
Outside the Vines: Purpose in Mind

Services and purposeful merchandising have helped furniture store Acme Mid- Century, in Alexandria, Virginia, boost sales and keep the store’s products — both big and small — at the center of it all. Owner Pierre... more »


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