Women in Horticulture Week

April 2022
AmericanHort to Celebrate Women in Horticulture at Cultivate’22

The luncheon gathers women in the horticulture industry for inspiration, learning and networking.

AmericanHort is pleased to host the second annual Women in Horticulture luncheon program at Cultivate’22. This year’s Women in Horticulture luncheon program includes a Sponsor-A-Peer opportunity to sponsor attendance. The luncheon, which takes place on from 12-1:30 p.m. on Monday, July 18 at Cultivate’22, is a ticketed event available to all Cultivate’22 registered attendees.

“This will mark the second year for a Women in Horticulture luncheon program at Cultivate,” said Mary Beth Cowardin, vice president marketing and strategic engagement at AmericanHort. “We’re pleased with the strong interest this initiative has received and the opportunity to bring women in the green industry a resource for networking, support, and inspiration.”

The launch of the Sponsor-A-Peer program allowed people to sponsor the attendance of others who may not be able to attend without financial support.

“The Women in Horticulture program at Cultivate’21 was a wonderful program last year,” said Bridge Behe, horticulture marketing professor at Michigan State University, AmericanHort garden retail community connector member, and a 2021 Women in Horticulture interview guest. “I would love to see some young women who do not have the resources to have an opportunity to attend this luncheon, expand their network and hear an inspiring speaker. I am excited to sponsor the attendance of a young woman to attend this event.”

Motivational speaker Jean Steel will deliver a keynote address on “how to deal effectively with and embrace change, find gratitude in our everyday trials, manage stress and control how we react when life throws you a curve,” according to a press release. “Jean will talk about self-responsibility, how to look on the bright side while also living a life full of passion and gratitude. You will walk away feeling inspired and motivated to use what you learn to make improvements, regain your zest for life and yes … be happy!”

“The Sponsor-A-Peer program is a wonderful way to support one another and celebrate National Women’s History month,” said Natalie Carmolli, public relations specialist for Proven Winners ColorChoice shrubs at Spring Meadow Nursery. “Every day, our industry benefits from the myriad skills that women bring to the table. Sponsoring Women in Horticulture at Cultivate is a natural fit for us as we recognize and celebrate the many talented women who work at Spring Meadow, as well as our female customers, vendors, and industry professionals.”

Find more details on Cultivate registration, the Women in Horticulture program, tours and workshops, all-access education, and trade show exhibiting by visiting www.americanhort.org/cultivate.