June 2016
Designing Stand Out Displays By Abby Kleckler

California Spring Trials always has plenty of new genetics or improved varieties, but this year many breeders placed an even stronger focus on merchandising than in the past.

For this photo-heavy look at Spring Trials displays, see the PDF below.

Succulents with Flair

1. A great way to add some additional color to succulents is by creating combos with kalanchoe (Dümmen Orange). 2. Utilize vertical space with a succulent wall sure to catch the eye (HMA Plants). 3. Wine bottle creations were at Spring Trials last year, and now there’s a similar concept with beer bottles sure to warrant a premium price (Dümmen Orange).

Strength Through the Seasons

1. Set up displays specifically based on the time of year like this display complete with fall packaging (Proven Winners). 2. Packaging is an easy way to spice up plants for Valentine’s Day, Halloween and much more (Captain Calla – Kapiteyn). 3. The simple addition of a golf ball turns ornamental mint into the perfect Father’s Day gift for your customers (PanAmerican Seed). 4. Straw bales and a few other easy-to-create items make for a great way to show off fall mums (Syngenta Flowers).

Promoting Strawberries

1. There were lots of new strawberry introductions this year including ‘Sweet Kiss’, which has POP options including signs and grab-and-go packing (Ball Ingenuity). 2. Last year at California Spring Trials was the introduction of ‘Hula Berry’, a strawberry that tastes like pineapple. This year came ‘Bubble Berry’, a strawberry that tastes like bubblegum (Pacific Plug & Liner). 3. Let your customers know which varieties are award winners like this AAS-winning ‘Delizz’ strawberry (ABZ Seeds).

Repurposing with Purpose

1. Pallets are used in so many ways such as a backdrop and shelves for these pot mums. Chalkboards and old frames can provide two-sided signage (Dümmen Orange). 2. Incorporating chairs, pots, pinecones and pails create a gorgeous way to show off hellebores (Pacific Plug & Liner). 3. Curved shovels act as display stands, rakes hold hanging baskets, and watering cans add visual interest to the ceiling (Syngenta Flowers).

Combo Crazy

1. New and innovative combinations such as callas with coleus were on display (Golden State Bulb Growers). 2. Breeders had a strong focus on first-year flowering perennials at California Spring Trials, like these, which are grown together for maximum success (Dümmen Orange). 3. The new Mingle concept mixes gerbera in containers (Florist Holland). 4. Speech bubbles are a great way to tell your customers what they’re getting (Sakata).

Ready to Eat (and Drink)

1. A patio-sized grape plant displayed with wine is a great way to showcase Pixie Grapes (Plug Connection). 2. Spanning industries, a beer made from the extract of chrysanthemum petals is already a hit at some garden centers in Europe (Gediflora). 3. There are simple ways to give customers new ideas for edibles like Culinary Couture’s mixology and cookbook (Hort Couture).

Make Brands Recognizable

1. Dümmen Orange has launched four new consumer brand websites including Confetti Garden, which is now offered as a 6-pack of varieties meant to grow together. Gardeners can now create their own successful
combos. (Dümmen Orange). 2. The zombie zone made a huge impact for its celosia (Takii Seed). 3. A special occasion deserves a huge celebration like this cake for SunPatiens 10th year on the market (Sakata). 4. Display cyclamen with ribbon from the ceiling or in other end cap spaces (Ball Ingenuity).

Possibilities with Pollinators

1. Combine pollinator plants with beehives and insect houses to create an all- encompassing display (Syngenta Flowers). 2. Colorful tags can deliver useful messages such as “attracts bees,” “deer won’t eat me,” and “great in containers” (Proven Winners). 3. A butterfly on the Aloha Lily eucomis is a simple, effective way to show the plant is pollinator friendly (Golden State Bulb Growers).

Pop Made Easy

1. Signs aim to inspire by showcasing real-life scenarios enhanced by plants (Proven Winners). 2. “Yes You” can grow roses like this sign, which showcases Maggie Thomas, a customer “who somehow managed to kill a cactus once” (Bailey Nurseries). 3. These “5 Reasons” to buy, plant and 3 enjoy signs can be customized for individual garden centers (Florist Holland).

Abby Kleckler

Abby is the managing editor of Lawn & Garden Retailer. Contact her at [email protected]


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