Echinacea Colorific (Monrovia)

July 2020
Make Way for 2021 Newcomers By Jasmina Dolce

Some of our favorite new introductions from CAST virtual.

Although the annual trek down the California coast did not physically happen, that did not stop the exhibitors from sharing their latest and greatest innovations for the upcoming season. Here are some of our favorite new introductions you will definitely want to make space for on your benches for 2021.


‘Big White Green Leaf’ (Benary)

Begonia BIG_White_Grn_Lf_on_Patio (Benary)

Benary has now added White to its Big series. It matches the performance of the well-known series, will last from spring to fall, and can fit any sized container. The leaves on White Green Leaf are slightly different, with a more cupped shape.

‘BK Bonny’ (Beekenkamp)

Bonny is a new addition to the BK Collection. It boasts stunning color and double blooms, and is a great alternative to some of the traditional Ilona types but with a round shape. It is a compact begonia with excellent garden and indoor performance.

‘Double Delight Blush Rose’ (Proven Winners)

This new series presents large, cascading blooms with a sweet fragrance. It has increased sun tolerance compared to standard tuberous begonias, and you will see an abundance of flowers all season long.

Grace Series (Syngenta Flowers)

Grace Series begonia Syngenta Flowers

The new Grace series boasts a stunning array of double flowers. The unique pendulous blooms offer a high-end look to large containers and baskets. Three colors are available; Dark Red is pictured.


TikTok Series (Dümmen Orange)

Concrete flower planter isolated on white backgroundThese blooms are defined by a dark center along with a fun yellow pattern resembling the hands of a clock. The plants have medium vigor and are well suited to hanging baskets and combination planters. Three colors are available that pair up well with each other; Rose is pictured.

Cha-Cha Series (Ball FloraPlant)

This is a large vigor series, with uniformity across colors. With a novel presentation, these varieties are great for premium positioning at retail. Diva Hot Pink and Diva Apricot are especially impressive with their unique color-changing blooms.

‘Superbells Coral Sun’ (Proven Winners)

Superbells Coral Sun mono (Proven Winners)

Coral Sun is the latest addition to the Superbells lineup. It has large flowers with a striking tropical bicolor presentation. It is early to bloom and easy to mix with other sun-loving plants in recipes.


FotoFinish Series (Syngenta Flowers)

FotoFinishRoseMorn_01 (Syngenta)

This new collection is versatile in use, with application in baskets, mixed containers and landscaping. The abundance of large-sized flowers makes a huge impact at retail and in the garden. The name FotoFinish refers to the start of flowering of all the colors at the same time.

‘Bee’s Knees’ (Ball FloraPlant)

This new standalone variety is rewriting what a yellow petunia looks like. The intensely saturated yellow blooms contrast dramatically against the dark green foliage. It is an outstanding garden performer and is beautiful in hanging baskets.

‘Surfinia Purple Heart’ (Suntory Flowers)

Surfinia Purple Heart (Suntory)

Suntory has had great success with its ‘Surfinia Heartbeat’ and is adding a companion, ‘Surfinia Purple Heart’. Each white flower features a pattern of five purple hearts. It provides a charming presentation in baskets and containers, and is perfect for spring and summer holiday promotions.

DuraBloom Series (Dümmen Orange)

Bred using a wild species with an aggressive root system, this series is resistant to heat and drought. It boasts thick petals that stand up to rain. This blend of strength in and above ground creates a durable landscape plant.

‘Hippy Chick Violet’ (Danziger)

HIPPY CHICK™ VIOLET PE-17-6673 (Danziger)

This unique petunia is the perfect addition to premium baskets and combinations. Its blooms feature a very unique shape, a fun inner speckle and vivid violet color that is rimmed in bright white.


Gelato Series (Westhoff)

Osteospermum Gelato Pink Cuberdon-CAST 2020 (Westhoff)

Osteospermum is a totally new genus for Westhoff. Gelato offers floriferous plants with a compact and controlled habit. These cold-tolerant plants are perfect for early-season color. Six colors are currently available, with over a dozen more being trialed.

‘Tradewinds Sunset’ (Syngenta Flowers)

The Tradewinds series has undergone an upgrade in most colors. They exhibit incredible heat tolerance and a controlled upright habit that works well in small- and medium-sized containers. Sunset is the new color for 2021.


Quasar Series (Green Fuse Botanicals)


Bred for unique, stable colors, the Quasar series presents large flowers on uniform plants with improved disease resistance. Five colors are currently available; Deep Space Blue (pictured) is especially unique with a bold multicolored effect.

‘Soiree Kawaii Blueberry Kiss’ (Suntory Flowers)

Suntory is expanding its revolutionary line of catharanthus, with the addition of Blueberry Kiss. This new color brings a new hue to landscapes with denim blue flowers and dark purple eyes. This series has cute mini flowers that love the heat.

Virtuosa Series (Sakata)

Vinca_Virtuosa_Rose A2 (Sakata)-2Virtuosa is a new hybrid series with extra vigor and overlapping strong petals with a round flower shape. They perform well in the garden, even under extreme conditions. They are deer and rabbit resistant. Eight colors are available; Rose is pictured.


Metalis Series (Ball Ingenuity)

Metalis features silver-toned foliage that really makes it stand apart from other cyclamen series on the market. It also features a unique green heart in the center of the leaves. Six colors and a mix are available. It can be used in the landscape, and also for holiday promotions in the winter.

Leopardo Series (Schoneveld Breeding)

Leopardo_Light Neon Pink_HR (Schoneveld)Six years in the making, the new Leopardo series has been bred under hot conditions. This heat-tolerant, large-flowered cyclamen series is available in six colors that have strong stems and a short production time.


Celosia Sol Series (PanAmerican Seed)

The new Sol collection of foliage celosia is already an award winner. Two varieties are available: Gekko Green and Lizzard Leaf. They both shine in combinations and have proven field performance.

Coleus ‘Main Street Beale Street’ (Dümmen Orange)


Beale Street is a new addition to the popular Main Street series. In trials across North American, it was the only red coleus to perform in full sun without scorching or fading. Like all Main Street varieties, it has a full, robust habit and is late to flower.

Rex Begonia Curly Series (Green Fuse Botanicals)


Part of Green Fuse’s Lifestyle Plants collection, Curly features totally new breeding that offers the classic “escargot” leaf type. Plants are robust with excellent coverage. Four stunning colors are available; Peppermint is pictured.


Anemone ‘Satin Doll Blush’ (Terra Nova Nurseries)

This new variety is one of the earliest blooming anemones, with an extended bloom period. It is hardy to Zones 4 through 9 and features large, dogwood-like flowers above glossy foliage.

Delphinium Delgenius Series (Pacific Plug & Liner)

Delphinium 703 Pacific Plug and Liner

Delgenius is a big introduction for Pacific Plug & Liner this year. Three colors are available; Shelby is pictured. These plants are compact, with multiple bloom spikes — and they fill the pot nicely.

Hibiscus ‘Summerific French Vanilla’ (Proven Winners ColorChoice)

This new hibiscus is a color breakthrough with soft yellow buds that open to large 7- to 8-inch creamy yellow flowers with a bright red eye. It blooms prolifically midsummer to early fall.

Lavender ‘Primavera’ (Darwin Perennials)

Lavandula_Primavera_Landscape_26533 (Darwin Perennials)

This breakthrough in Spanish lavender does not require chilling to flower. It exhibits outstanding weather tolerance, and will flower throughout early spring and into the fall, extending the lavender season.

Phlox Woodlander Series (Dümmen Orange)

This new interspecific evergreen groundcover phlox features extended flower power. Blooms are larger than traditional subalata types for added retail appeal. Woodlander phlox is adaptable to both sun and partial shade for better consumer success.

Hydrangea Mountain Series (Green Fuse Botanicals)

Mountain hydrangea is a breakthrough product that is different than other macrophylla types. It is Zone 5 hardy and will continuously bloom all season long. Blooms are large, and plants do not wilt at retail.

Echinacea ‘Evolution Colorific’ (Monrovia Plants)

Echinacea Colorific (Monrovia)Evolution echinacea offers a rainbow of colors. The new Colorific features a lovely green-centered cone with flowers that emerge yellow, open to salmon streaked with yellow, and mature to full pink.

Others Worth Mentioning

Antirrhinum Statement Series (American Takii)


ntirrhinum-F1-Statement-series-American-TakiiThis new series of dwarf snapdragons has large flowers on a compact plant. They also exhibit excellent branching for better presentation at retail. Five colors are currently available in the series.

Impatiens Sol Luna Series (Danziger)


This hybrid impatiens series delivers in both sun and shade, and takes the guesswork out of gardening for homeowners. Sol Luna can be planted anywhere, and it will deliver bright color. It is a well-matched series that is perfect in packs, quarts and gallons. Four vibrant colors are available.

Geranium ‘Antique Salmon’ (Syngenta Flowers)

This new, truly unique zonal geranium will pop off the bench with its double, rosebud-like, soft pink blooms. Its controlled habit works well across a range of small- to medium-sized containers.

Dahlia ‘Dalaya Fireball’ (Selecta One)

This new flower form is the first anemone-type in the series. The yellow-red bicolor blooms stand out in the garden and it has the same garden performance as other Dalaya varieties. As flowers age and shatter, the center stays intact and continues to offer value.

Dianthus ‘American Pie Cherry Pie’ (Plant Haven)

Dianthus-American-Pie-Cherry-Pie-002 (Plant Haven)

This new addition to the American Pie series features bright, cherry red flowers and a delightful fragrance. The foliage is a wonderful silver blue. Cherry Pie is a great plant for autumn plantings and is ideal for gallon containers.

Jasmina Dolce

Jasmina Dolce is managing editor of GPN magazine. She can be reached at [email protected]


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