Lawn & Garden Retailer Headlines

Mixed Reactions to Recent WeatherThe recent weather conditions in the Midwest have affected many growers and retailers in the industry. Tornadoes, severe storms and flooding have affected sales across the Midwest in several different ways.... more »

Pick of the Pack Trials

It's Pack Trial time again. Hard to believe, but the breeders/marketers are already tempting us with their new offerings for next spring. So if you're still feeling overwhelmed from sorting through spring 2004, we do... more »

Collectibles — Worth Your Time?

Ah, remember the days of Beanie Babies? Beanie Baby magazines, books, games — they were everywhere, and everyone wanted them. It was a no brainer to sell them. But, just as fads do, Beanie Babies... more »

Tropical Foliage for the Winter

"You want me to offer indoor tropical foliage in my store during the month of November? You must be out of your mind... " This is the most common statement we hear when we suggest... more »

Ornaments For All Seasons

What merchandise takes up little space, can be displayed in many eye-catching, unique forms (and maximizes use of display space); doesn't have to be watered; and provides a low-risk way to extend your gift section?... more »

Artistic Flare

Handmade, hand-painted, artsy — do those words seem to be coming out of your customers' mouths a lot lately? More and more consumers are looking into items for their gardens that are artistically based, including... more »

Situational Displays

Putting together a display of multiple small items can be tricky, both because you don't want the area to become cluttered and also because potential customers might overlook these smaller items. The latter is especially... more »


This is the season for celebrations... weddings and graduations, the end of one stage of life and the beginning of another. It's a season of celebrating the accomplishments that one had to endure and achieve... more »

Curb Appeal: Where the Store Begins — Or Ends

The fact is, for all independent garden centers, the store is the most important product; that place, in its totality — physical environment, atmosphere, product mix — is the branded product on which the independent... more »

Making the Most of Mixed Containers

We all know that mixed containers are among the hottest and best-priced item selling at retail today! One factor driving demand for containers is the amount of exposure featuring mixed containers in consumer media. Television... more »

Store within a store

Strategically displaying products, educational information and POP materials will convey your intimate knowledge of customer needs. Whenever possible, take advantage of manufacturers' product displays, which inherently visually communicate a full water garden supply and pond... more »

Working the Chain Gain

Between Martha Stewart's legal troubles, striking grocery workers in California and a ruling to block Target from building in an upscale Atlanta suburb, there's been a lot of backlash about the chain stores in the... more »