Stop The Insanity

In the upper Midwest over Memorial Day weekend, a major home improvement chain ran an ad for 10-inch annual hanging baskets for $4.99. And the quality wasn't bad or much less than what was available... more »

Life after Labor Day

In late August, September and October, there isn't a lot happening in most perennial borders. Even the long bloomers, such as coreopsis, are winding down. While the spring flowers slide into their time of rest... more »

Two is better than one

Gone are the days of a single birdfeeder in your customers' backyards. You know, probably better than most, that birding has become more than just a hobby; people are going nuts over birds. Even the... more »

Family Fun Month

August — the kids go back to school, the weather will start getting colder, the days will start getting shorter; families will be rushing to get in some quality time with each other before fall... more »

Tomorrow’s Gardeners

Cindy Underwood's job may look like child's play, but this children's gardening program presenter knows that her work is propagating future sales for Pike Family Nurseries. Underwood is the face of the Plain Dirt program,... more »

Where Have All the Sales Gone?

You put up lights and sell cut trees and poinsettias at Christmas, stock lilies at Easter and violets at Mother's Day, and host a Halloween open house. Holiday tie-in sales are working out pretty good... more »


Horti Fair Holds Top Position – By John R. Holmes, CAE It happens every year — you walk in the doors at the OFA Short Course, and you're completely amazed by the size and scope... more »

Customer and Plant Care

You hear it all of the time — You have to please your customers, so they keep coming back to you. Learning from your peers can be one of the best ways to find out... more »

Trekking the Trial

Back in the March issue of Lawn & Garden Retailer, we advised you to "Pack it up and Head West" to the industry event known as the California Pack Trials. "Are you waiting until the... more »

Home Maintenance

Once upon a time, the summer trade shows were open season for garden center buyers. See home décor. Aim. Buy.And while the aisles in Atlanta, New York, San Francisco and points in between are still... more »

You Don’t Own the Customer…The Customer Owns You

Those of you who know me, have read my column or heard me present at industry forums get the sense that I'm just a bit passionate about changing the way our industry thinks about who... more »

Waste Not Want Not

Mulch: A covering, of straw, compost, plastic sheeting or other materials, spread on the ground around plants to prevent excessive evaporation or erosion and to enrich the soil. The definition of mulch is well established... more »