Soaring Food Prices Inspire Home Grown Gardens
Soaring Food Prices Inspire Home Grown Gardens

{Sponsored} Your customers want help to be free of high supermarket prices. They know that food prices are soaring with fuel costs rising. Food shortages are a reality for the first time for many Americans. It has opened the eyes of many to make changes and control their destiny and health.

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Earth
Photo Courtesy of Dr. Earth

Eating home grown food is great for the earth!

Every pound of food a gardener grows offsets up to two pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

The large carbon footprint of producing commercial crops requires environmental disruption such as deforestation, soil tillage, mono-crops, input materials in the form of fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and weed killers. Additional steps are the physical planting, irrigation, harvesting, processing and ultimately shipping for human consumption. In the grand scheme of global warming and greenhouse gas there is massive carbon sequestration where home grown gardens are planted. What we do at home is almost 100% efficient with zero waste if we compost. Your garden helps to heal earth as well as feed your family the best quality food.

Not all organics are created equally. Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer

Gardeners need help to navigate the mixed marketing messages from companies selling organic fertilizers and soils. Which products are the best? Which ingredients are the best? These are concerns for gardeners growing home grown food because their soil is feeding their family. Its not like lawn care or growing a rose or shrub. This is their food! These ingredients matter to organic gardeners and retailers should offer the best advice.

Eric Olsen, organic consumer goods expert and host of Smart Potcast, had the revelation that the GMO content in chicken manure fertilizer was very high and not disclosed by manufacturers. That is a breakthrough for organic gardeners and organic fertilizers. To learn more and see Eric’s interview click here.

Home grown gardeners are thirsty for help to grow the healthiest and most abundant crops.

This is your nursery’s chance to be a hero!

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