Martin's Home and Garden

September/October 2019
Touring Music City, Part 2 By Teresa McPherson

The 2019 Garden Centers of America Summer Tour explored independent garden centers in and around Nashville, Tennessee. Here’s a look at some additional highlights from the trip.

Moore & Moore Garden Center, Nashville, Tennessee

Moore and Moore Nashville Tennessee
The Coco Hut at Moore & Moore provides a convenient place to store coconut fiber materials, as well as a prime location to display potted green goods.


Moore and Moore Nashville Tennessee
Edibles are displayed in front of a “Cultivating Lifestyles” banner.
Moore and Moore Nashville Tennessee
A whimsical sign points customers to the cart storage.


Yarrow Acres, Franklin, Tennessee

Yarrow Acres Franklin Tennessee
Located on Main Street in downtown Franklin, Tennessee, Yarrow Acres uses a chalkboard sign to beckon customers inside.
Yarrow Acres Franklin Tennessee
Limited space means relying on clever uses of space to display their wares, like this ladder shelf for green goods.
Yarrow Acres Franklin Tennessee
A yellow armoire provides a cozy home for pollinator products.


Martin’s Home & Garden, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Martin's Home and Garden succulents
Succulents continue to be a top-seller, and Martin’s dedicated a large table to succulents potted in lightweight concrete containers.
Martin's Home and Garden
Martin’s has been in operation for 37 years. A wall near checkout displays photos of the Martin family.
Martin's Home and Garden
An armoire houses pet treats and supplies.


Long Hollow Gardens and Vineyards, Gallatin, Tennessee

Situated on 35 acres, Long Hollow combines a garden center with event space and a vineyard.
A chalkboard sign inside displays the numerous causes that the IGC supports.
Long Hollow Gardens & Vineyards declares their independence on the entryway sign.

Teresa McPherson

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