Mar 27, 2013
Generation Do-It-Yourselfpmihalek

Before our 600 square foot apartment in Chicago, my wife Sara and I rented a place in Cleveland, Ohio. It was double the size for half the price and included a backyard. We had a garden crowded with c... more

Mar 13, 2013
Go West, Young Manpmihalek

So we're inching our way toward spring and in a few weeks industry plant nerds from around the world will reunite in California for Spring Trials (April 6-11).Will you be attending? If you're unable t... more

Feb 27, 2013
No Soup For Youpmihalek

Do you remember the Seinfeld character and episode called The Soup Nazi? Click the link for a quick reminder. On the show, customers would wait out the door and down the block for an amazing, knee-buc... more

Feb 13, 2013
Lines Are Meant For Waitingpmihalek

Last night, at around 11:45, my wife and I touched down at O'Hare after eight days in Curacao on our postponed honeymoon. Weather was great and the sunburns were least for me.I'm not al... more

Jan 22, 2013
A Prominent Miniature Presencepmihalek

Last week I was quickly reminded how warm one can get walking (meandering) the floors of AmericasMart. Note to self: Next time leave the hiking socks at home. During my recent two-day trip to check ou... more

Jan 9, 2013
Road Warriorpmihalek

January is one busy month for me - Chicago to Atlanta to Chicago to Milwaukee to Chicago to Nashville. Luckily, I get to throw in a well-planned and slightly delayed honeymoon at the end of all that c... more

Dec 26, 2012
Post Christmas Facebookin’pmihalek

It's the day after Christmas and you need something to do. You already had your fill of Christmas cookies and your creepy Uncle Stew. Don't fret! We have one more present (sort of) for you this holida... more

Dec 12, 2012
A Color We Can Use?pmihalek

September, 2001: The first time I loaded the trunk of a car with topsoil. Summer, 2008: The first time I wrote an article about loading the trunk of a car with topsoil. It wasn't until I took an offic... more

Nov 28, 2012
Gateway to the Westpmihalek

By the time you read this, I'll be well into my five-hour drive to St. Louis. I'm heading to the STL to check out some of the Midwest's best garden centers while the holiday season is in full go. The ... more

Nov 14, 2012
Drought News, St. Louis Cruise & Apartment Viewspmihalek

I recently read an article in the Chicago Tribune on this year's Midwest drought and its minimal effect on 2012 Christmas tree prices. Illinois Christmas tree growers said drought conditions killed ma... more

Oct 24, 2012
Is Your Monthly Flyer Fearless?pmihalek

Many of you swear by reaching your customer by way of inbox and mailbox with a seasonal or monthly or even weekly (hopefully not daily) enewsletter and mailer. Trader Joe's does, too.The happy-go-luck... more

Oct 10, 2012
Terrain In The Timespmihalek

It looks like an independent garden center, but I know it isn't an independent garden center. I know it really isn't a big box store, either, ever under the Urban Outfitters umbrella. Ever since Terra... more


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