What’s In Your Brand?

First impressions are everything. From a job interview, a first date, a meeting with a bank lender, to “Hello officer, was I speeding?” how one presents themselves in the first meeting sets the tone for... more »

May 12, 2016
Sporticulture Has Big Presence at NFL Draft

Sporticulture had its National Football League (NFL) themed plants on location at the official NFL Draft 2016 in Chicago, Illinois, on April 28. Sporticulture’s NFL plants were used as centerpieces in VIP areas and at other... more »

Fresh Perspectives: Creating the Hype

Businesses can change a lot in 35 years. What started as a single greenhouse growing produce has turned into a 15 greenhouse operation that grows 90 percent of the plants in its retail store. Baker's... more »

Tech Tips for IGCs

Now that you are into the new year with your goals for 2016 in place, and you are preparing for spring, it is time for you to look at technology and how it can help... more »

4 P’s Plus 3

To gain some insight into how today's consumers are behaving, where they are spending their discretionary income (or not spending), what categories and channels are gaining or losing market share, demographic shifts and impacts on... more »

Hone in on the Healthy Homegrown Gardener

Homegrown is in full bloom across the country. According to GfK MRI's Survey of the American Consumer, 67 percent of the 80 million U.S. adults who garden plant vegetables, herbs, fruits or berries. And about... more »

The Perceived Value of Branded Plants

What goes unseen goes unsold, and for transplants, a retailer's ability to grab the customer's attention is especially important to the first step of getting plants sold. Some research outside of the horticulture industry has... more »

October 1, 2015
NGB Announces 2016 Crops

National Garden Bureau (NGB) has chosen the four plant classes that will be featured in the 2016 "Year of the" program.Yes, there are now four different classes instead of the usual three. NGB has expanded... more »

September 30, 2015 Goes Mobile

Ball Seed has launched a redesigned website to better reach its customers on-the-go. The new uses responsive design for mobile-friendly content and clear navigation to the information growers and retailers want most.Beyond its new... more »

August 20, 2015
Ball Acquires Conard-Pyle

Ball Horticultural Co. announced it is purchasing Conard-Pyle, with the sale scheduled to close by the end of September 2015. The acquisition includes Conard-Pyle's in-house breeding division NovaFlora and its intellectual properties; and distribution, production... more »

Give This a Try

I worked at a small, family-owned coffee shop on and off for six years. From the day I turned 16, I learned that the more I smiled when customers walked in the door, the more... more »

July 22, 2015
Sakata, P. Allen Smith Partner

Sakata Seed America has announced that, effective immediately, Sakata Home Grown is the official vegetable seed brand of P. Allen Smith.Furthermore, Smith has identified a collection of Sakata varieties and branded it under the P.... more »