Consumer Talk

July 2012
Three Years From Now?

This feature is packed with colorful and informative photos. Please click the PDF link below to see this feature. International trends are rarely overnight sensations on U.S. soil. That said, here are a few new... more »

May 22, 2012
BASF Produces Video on Benefits of Ornamentals

BASF has created a new YouTube video, "Plants Give Back: Benefits of Ornamentals," that helps explain the benefits that are created by plants. The educational video is a helpful tool for media, industry professionals and... more »

January 2012
The Backyard & Beyond

No longer a backyard project, the National Wildlife Federation's Certified Wildlife Habitat program positions independent garden centers as the ultimate "one-stop shop" for consumers. What can be better than neighborhood residents and local businesses recognizing... more »

August 2011
Creating & Feeding The Passion

Looking back on your first gardening successes can go a long way when it comes to helping your customers with theirs.During my 40 years in the gardening industry, some of my most enjoyable memories come... more »

August 2011
The Future of Gardening

Connecting is key when it comes to reaching a new generation of gardeners.The garden is an excellent teaching tool. From a single flower many subjects can be taught including geography, science, art and literature. I... more »

June 2011
Gateway Gardening

Whether it's an easier way to break into the world of gardening or simply a step toward healthier living, small-space gardening is getting noticed by new, urban and veteran gardeners alike.You sell healthy living. That's... more »

January 2011
Trend Watching

Consumers are changing. Are you? By staying on top of the latest trends, you can help ensure your garden center is relevant to today's consumer.Consumers are reacting very differently than they did just three or... more »

July 2010
Color Their World

You try to stay up on all the latest trends in breeding, design and color to paint a beautiful picture for your customers. We asked our panel where else they go to inspire their gardens... more »

Plant to Win
Plant to Win

Every year, Lawn & Garden Retailer covers award-winning varieties chosen by horticultural experts and judges across the country. But do garden center shoppers really care about a little blue ribbon? We asked our panelists.Jeanette, 54Berwyn,... more »

April 2010
What’s Your Cause?

Gardeners are a compassionate lot — many of them love to support their local communities. What are you doing to encourage them? It could bring new customers in your door!Hilary, 26Memphis, Tenn.One of my favorite... more »

March 2010
Spring Awakening

The calendar pages are flipping, and customers are chomping at the bit to get into your garden center. Here's a look at what some of our panelists are excited about for the coming season.Maria, 53ChicagoIf... more »

March 2010
The Green Scene

The eco-friendly furor died down a bit at retail as the economy took a turn for the worse, but sustainability hasn't left consumers' minds at all. We asked our panel about their priorities — and... more »