Consumer Talk

February 2010
Greatest Shows on Earth?

Local garden shows are a great place for gardeners to learn about which plants will perform well in their area and get inspired by experts and peers alike. This month, we asked our panelists whether... more »

Fresh Growth for 2010
Fresh Growth for 2010

As you continue preparations for the quickly approaching spring season, the consumer panel is doing a little growing of its own: We're welcoming a few more gardeners this year. Here are a few quick introductions!Amelia,... more »

Suggestion Box
Suggestion Box

Although we have a few months before spring hits, it's never too early to start preparing for your busiest season. This month, we asked our panelists to offer tips that would improve their garden center... more »

July 2009
Garden Center Gifting

Jeanette, 53 Berwyn, Ill. My favorite garden center is a seasonal center that closes shortly after Halloween. I try to check out the end-of-season items for gift ideas, but the pickings can be very slim.... more »

June 2009
Blooms on a Budget

Maria, 52 Chicago This year, I have focused more on my vegetable garden. I have decided that planting food is more beneficial at this particular time. I used to grow more trees, plants and flowers,... more »

May 2009
Suggestion Box

Independent garden centers have a huge leg up on the big boxes for customer service and plant quality. But take a cue from our consumer panelists: There's always more you could be doing. Listen up!... more »

April 2009
Unique Additions

Jen, 30 Glenwood, Iowa We continue to work on establishing areas of our yard for flower gardens and plant edging. I'd really like to accessorize the area in our front yard with some stepping stones,... more »

March 2009
Diamonds in the Rough

Maria, 52 Chicago "Lurvey Landscape Supply & Garden Center in Des Plaines, Ill., is my favorite garden center. Their staff is friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. They have a beautiful selection of annuals, perennials and... more »

March 2009
[Green]washed Up?

Becky, 50 Dallas, Texas I do feel bombarded by ads pushing organic and sustainable plants. I admit that I am skeptical about nurseries who advertise about everything "green" when one can point out the opposite.... more »

Bringing it Home
Bringing it Home

Claudia, 62 Gainesville, Fla. "We have a number of large sunny windows which makes it easy to grow houseplants. I have had a tall cactus-type euphorbia for at least 25 years. When it gets too... more »

No Hibernation Here!
No Hibernation Here!

Jen, 30 Glenwood, Iowa "Next summer, I plan to place perennials in a rock garden off my front porch. We've just started with landscaping around the new house, so many areas are ready for new... more »

November 2008
Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

Becky, 49 Dallas, Texas "The big garden centers always sell Christmas trees out front, which is convenient for people like me. Some of the smaller 'boutique' garden shops go all out! I usually see a... more »