Consumer Talk

Spring Reflections
Spring Reflections

Claudia, 61 Gainesville, Fla. "I always hate for spring to be over, since summer follows. This summer, we did not have any real big projects going in the yard — as we have for the... more »

(Garden) Help Wanted
(Garden) Help Wanted

Gay, 61 Topeka, Kan. "Even those of us who have been gardening forever and pretty much know the ins and outs can face a problem that we have not encountered before. Many years ago, as... more »

May 2008
While You’re Away

Claudia, 61 Gainesville, Fla. "Every time we leave home, we have to plan for the cat and the plants. The grass is on irrigation and half of the large pots have a timed drip system.... more »

April 2008
Let’s Get Technical

High-tech gadgets and the World Wide Web are increasingly things affecting the way people make purchasing decisions. This month, we asked our panelists how technological advancements have affected their gardening practices. Becky, 49 Dallas, Texas... more »

March 2008
Spring Shopping List

Kelly, 28 Ithaca, N.Y. "I have made a loose plan of how I want to design my garden and what I want to grow. I typically order seeds online from a few reliable websites in... more »

February 2008
Embracing Eco Efforts

Claudia, 61 Gainesville, Fla. "The dream yard with a lush, green, weed-free lawn bordered by an English garden is but a dream in these times of water restriction and knowledge of water runoff polluting our... more »

January 2008
Starting Fresh

This month, we asked our panelists to share their 2008 gardening plans with us. What lessons from 2007 are they taking with them into this season? With spring just a couple of months away, homeowners... more »

May 2007
Consumer Talk: Stayin’ Alive

Becky, 48 Dallas, Texas "I have a few flower gardens spread throughout my yard. We have a sloping front yard where erosion takes place with the spring rain. Every March or April, I must clear... more »

May 2007
Consumer Talk: Secret Shopping

Lori, 50 Fargo, N.D. "I visited Lowe's, and because it was March in Fargo, N.D., the garden center did not have any bedding plants for sale. A sales associate immediately asked me if I needed... more »

April 2007
Consumer Talk: Being Choosey

Amy, 26 Charlotte, N.C. "When choosing plants, I typically look for them to be hardy above all else. I have a tendency to kill things inadvertently. Also, having a backyard is a new experience for... more »

March 2007
Consumer Talk: Promotional Learning

Donna, 45 Bethesda, Md. Donna attended a "Lighting A Tree" and "Ornamenting A Tree" event. She attended the promotion because she went to pick up a Christmas tree and found there was an event when... more »

Purchasing Decisions
Purchasing Decisions

Theresa, 36, Phoenix, Ariz. "It's all about price and convenience. There is a Home Depot nearby, and I usually get my garden soil from there. There is a Big Lots Wholesale store and a dollar... more »