Green Goods

Winner’s Circle

Being selected the best plant in a given category is no small accomplishment. Each group that bestows awards — from All-American Selections to the American Ivy Society — has its own set of criteria to... more »

Pick of the Pack Trials

Even though the California Pack Trials were shortened from two weeks to 10 days, there are more plants to see, people to greet, questions to ask and snacks to eat than you can possibly do.... more »

Green Goods: Bulbs…More than Just Spring

In the American Midwest, Northeast and areas with similar climates, the great majority of tulip, daffodil, crocus and hyacinth bulbs fill the months of April and May with glorious color and sweetness after our long,... more »

Boost Profits with Trial Gardens

Trial gardens are located in every state and many counties and re-main one of the most underused tools of our industry, mostly because of their passive nature. These wells of information come and go, and... more »

Prioritizing Profit

For most garden centers, green goods is the largest single department. It stocks the most products and takes up the most square footage. But what about profit? How do green goods compare to other departments... more »

Low-Maintenance Native Perennials

Within the last 10 years, the interest in using native plants for landscape purposes has increased tremendously, and nurseries are struggling to keep up with the demand. Both urban and rural gardeners are gradually discovering... more »

Consumer Poinsettia Preference

"I did not know there were so many different poinsettias," is a very common comment from first-time visitors at the University of Florida Poin-settia Open House. I also hear a lot of, "I thought there... more »

Jewel Box Succulents

If there is a looking glass world of horticulture, it is surely the realm of succulents. You can spend your whole life in the plant business and still know little or nothing about them. And... more »

The Beauty of Orchids

Orchids are often described as the most beautiful flowers in the world. While most orchids are found in the tropics, they are distributed worldwide and can be found on every single continent except Antarctica. Though... more »

Plant Profit in an Instant

I was telling a salesperson at my local garden center about my recent change of landscaping plans, and they directed me to some All-American Selections (AAS) winners. The salesperson gave me a brief overview of... more »