Green Goods

January 2008
How Dry I Am

"How dry I am... " These lyrics, written by a group called the Skillet Lickers in 1927 — really! — seem to be the tune a lot of gardeners in the United States sang this... more »

June 2007
Trends At Every Stop

A crew from Lawn & Garden Retailer made our way from San Diego to San Francisco for the California Pack Trials last April. We noticed again this year that companies are integrating more into Pack... more »

May 2007
Bog Gardening With Carnivorous Plants

When school kids and their parents visit the University Botanical Gardens at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, they are invariably drawn to the unusual displays of colorful carnivorous plants. The horticultural attractiveness of these... more »

May 2007
Winner’s Circle

Most garden centers try to carry plants their customers will find appealing. Sometimes, customers see plants' appeal on their own. Other times, it is up to the garden center to offer varieties with proven success... more »

May 2007
Selling Summer Blooms

Selling the beauty of flowering trees is a time-honored spring tradition. Most garden centers do a great job of gearing up for sales of ornamental plums, cherries, pears, redbuds, magnolias, crabapples and Florida dogwoods. It's... more »

March 2007
Going Back to Cali

The California Pack Trials is an intense experience filled with variety trials, product displays and marketing concepts — all packed into roughly a week and spread out over hundreds of miles. Attendees will have the... more »

Christmas Companions to Poinsettias
Christmas Companions to Poinsettias

Go into many retail outlets during November and December and you are sure to find poinsettias. Displays are often stacked floor to ceiling and, more often than not, project the message "we have a boatload... more »

January 2007
Summer Bulbs In The Garden

Top-performing summer bulbs make excellent candidates for summer container gardens, garden beds and tropical-style plantings. There are a number of things you can do with bulbs in more than just the spring, and I am... more »

Planting Outside Prime Time
Planting Outside Prime Time

Merchandising in prime time is a no-brainer. When late spring is bright and blooming, the primal urge to plant afflicts everyone. But as the heat rises, traffic slows and so does the bottom line. Every... more »

July 2006
Weather Or Not, There It Goes

Spring 2006 might be in the past, but for many, it was a season they will not long forget. The culprit? Weather. Whether it was good, bad or just so-so, weather was the talk of... more »

July 2006
Hold Your Own Variety Trials

When you hear the word "trials" at your greenhouse or garden center, you may think immediately of the many challenges we all face to be successful in our industry. Personnel issues, customer service challenges, rising... more »

Varieties and So Much More
Varieties and So Much More

It seems like forever ago that seven of us from Lawn & Garden Retailer were traveling through the pouring California rains and taking in all the new ideas at Pack Trials. Despite getting wet shoes... more »