Merchandiser Of The Year – Smith’s Acres

Welcome to the first annual Lawn & Garden Retailer Merchandiser of the Year Award. We are introducing you to the first of three finalists (in no particular order): Smith's Acres in Niantic, Conn. The unique... more »

The Impact of Display Gardens on Consumer Purchasing Behavior

Retail garden center sales in Florida have rapidly increased in the past few years, and identifying shopper purchasing patterns and generating consumer behavior data are important to the Florida wholesale and retail plant industries. To... more »

Celebrate the Customer, the Merchandise, the Seasons

The Chalet Nursery, a 90-year-old nursery, garden center and landscaping business in Wilmette, Ill., "is not really known for its sales," says buyer and merchandising manager John Hoerst. Visitors to the Chalet are not greeted... more »

Fan the Fire Pit Flame

There's such an appeal to going camping: sitting around a campfire, talking, cooking and enjoying the company of friends. However, with today's increasingly busy schedules, it's unlikely that your customers will have the time to... more »

Interiorscaping: Using Living Décor in the Off-Season

As the outdoor gardening season slowly winds down, your customers may think they have to hang up their trowels and pruning shears until next spring. Not so. Show your loyal green thumbs a way to... more »

Catering to your Christmas Consumer

With the growth of mass retailers and chain stores, the competition for Christmas merchandise dollars can seem daunting for an independent garden center (IGC). Although there has been a bit of a downward trend in... more »

Visualizing Christmas

Visual merchandising gets a great deal of attention during the Christmas season, a period in which stores claim to make 50 percent of their sales and 75 percent of their profit. Merchandise and decorating plans... more »

Are Your Restrooms Working For You?

Space is precious for garden centers. The more products and displays customers see, the more likely they will be to make purchases, which means every available store space needs to be used. While it may... more »

It’s the Time of the Season

Summertime in this industry is one of my favorite times of year because it is garden center tour time. This year, the American Nursery and Landscape Association (ANLA) and Garden Centers of America (GCA) once... more »

The Impact Of Display Structures On Consumer Purchasing Behavior

You want consumers in your store. A new study on how consumers make their gardening purchases from display structures might help you find new ways to increase sales. Over the past five years, Florida retail... more »

Merchandiser Of The Year Finalist – Village Green Home & Garden

When I walked into Village Green Home & Garden, Rockford, Ill., for the first time last November, I was amazed. The store was beautifully decorated with many inventive displays, wonderful design ideas and great color... more »

How Do Our Customers Behave?

Do we really know our customers? Retailing today is becoming more and more of a science. Consultants monitor shoppers from the point they enter a stores until they leave, noting and analyzing every action. There... more »