Merchandiser Of the Year Finalist – Churchill’s

If you have ever been to New England in, well, any time of the year, you will realize how surreal it all seems. There is nothing that isn't beautiful or breathtaking to look at, and... more »

The Gardener’s Design Review

What can you do with aprons, work pants, tool belts, wide-brim hats, boots, kerchiefs, old work shirts, carry bags, machines and all the "stuff" that is found around a home garden area? Certainly it is... more »

Introducing Consumers To IPM

With agricultural sustainability on the minds of many people in the industry and elsewhere, you may want to consider ways you can share its message with your employees and customers, especially in the area of... more »

Color Squared

Color! Everyone knows color sells. If there was ever an overused statement in recent years, this would be in the top five. Yet, how many of you are truly taking advantage of the opportunities before... more »

Getting to Know Mulch

When it comes to mulch, many consumers know the term but don't know exactly how to use the product in their gardens. They may not even realize how beneficial it is or the different options... more »

Going Back to Cali

The California Pack Trials is an intense experience filled with variety trials, product displays and marketing concepts — all packed into roughly a week and spread out over hundreds of miles. Attendees will have the... more »

Browsing the Gift Markets

At Lawn & Garden Retailer, we know there are numerous gift shows during the year that you would like to attend, but you just can't go to all of them. So we asked representatives from... more »

Creating A Fountain Department

Deciding on a fountain department is a big leap. For those of you who have taken this leap, you are well aware of the work involved. Yet this step could establish an advantage over the... more »

Feeling The Winds of Change

Each year Lawn & Garden Retailer asks a number of well-known industry professionals to make their predictions for the new year. This year is no different. We have different perspectives from a retailer, a few... more »

Making Impulse Items Work

Impulse items are a great way to add on to existing sales. But what is the best way for garden center retailers to make sure customers take notice? It is important not to bombard customers... more »

What Looks Good To You?

As you're walking through the mall or driving down the street, which retail stores grab your attention? It might be a store's window display, its advertisement on the side of a bus or another person... more »

Color Blocking For Hard Goods

Welcome to Retailing 101. This is a new series that Lawn & Garden Retailer and the University of Florida are bringing to those readers that are new to the business, are looking to start a... more »


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