Feeling The Winds of Change

Each year Lawn & Garden Retailer asks a number of well-known industry professionals to make their predictions for the new year. This year is no different. We have different perspectives from a retailer, a few... more »

Making Impulse Items Work

Impulse items are a great way to add on to existing sales. But what is the best way for garden center retailers to make sure customers take notice? It is important not to bombard customers... more »

What Looks Good To You?

As you're walking through the mall or driving down the street, which retail stores grab your attention? It might be a store's window display, its advertisement on the side of a bus or another person... more »

Color Blocking For Hard Goods

Welcome to Retailing 101. This is a new series that Lawn & Garden Retailer and the University of Florida are bringing to those readers that are new to the business, are looking to start a... more »

The Not-So-Big Garden Center: Being Right About Demographics

The January 2006 issue of Lawn & Garden Retailer included the annual "Industry Leader Forecast" article, and I was flattered to be included in the forecasting group. As 2006 draws to a close, I revisited... more »

Changing Customer Habits

The single most consistent factor in the entire retail equation is "The Customer." Everything may change. Cycles come and go. Prices and geography have less to do with customer habit than an innate and intuitive... more »

Merchandising ornaments For Fun & Profit

The holiday decorating or "Trim-a-Tree" business (as it is commonly called) can be very lucrative. Lawn and garden retailers understand that the holiday season is a peak shopping period when consumers have more discretionary income... more »

Becoming A Christmas Wonderland

Garden center retailers who do a seasonal manner like Christmas business face the monumental task of constantly transforming their retail operations without crippling existing year-round business. You need to develop a well-thought-out plan to successfully... more »

Organizing Holiday Classes

'Tis the season to plan ahead for the holidays. Maybe this year, you will consider organizing holiday classes or workshops to draw the public into your store during a time when most may not be... more »

O Christmas Tree: Decorating Trees For Maximum Impact

It's almost that time of year again — time for Christmas trees and all the trimmings to come out and shine. But first you need to come up with amazing tree displays that will inspire... more »

Applied Aesthetics: The Art Of Seeing

A visual signature is a sought-after icon. Think of certain visual images, and the name of an artist often comes to mind. All we have to mention are sunflowers to evoke Van Gogh. An American... more »

Accents Tailored For You

If your customers are called "guests" and your garden center occupies 6 acres of choice southern California real estate, you cannot afford to sit on your laurels. Consumers visit the big boxes to buy the... more »