Going, Going, Gone

You probably spend a staggering amount of time and money researching, shopping for and trying to sell the season's hottest new products. Most storeowners do. That's what retail is all about, right? Whether you're selling... more »

The Winter Shows

The first trade show season of the year may be over, but it was full of new and exciting information for the 2006-07 seasons. AmericasMart, Mid-Am and TPIE were just some of the many shows... more »

Borrowing Merchandising Tips

Why do we approach a store? Why do we buy more than what was on our lists when we got there? Do we traverse the maze of merchandise of our own accord or are subtle... more »

California Here We Come

It is time for the California Pack Trials once again! For those who haven't been before, Pack Trials offers attendees a sneak peak at new and different varieties the participating companies have been cooking up... more »

Nursery Supplies: Automated Control

The new automated environmental control systems have become so popular and useful in maximizing the quality and efficiency of greenhouses that the question is not whether you could benefit from an integrated control system but... more »

UK Garden Retailing

Like many of my friends in the UK and United States, my family and I are spoiled for places to shop for our food, clothes and houseware products. While we all have regional and local... more »

A Gift Market Overview

With so many gift shows throughout the year across the country, it can be hard to know which ones will suite your gift-purchasing needs: Some feature educational sessions or target specific regions, and some only... more »

Walking Through a Promotional Wonderland

Consumers spend more for the winter holidays — Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanzaa — than any other holiday. In fact, with consumers spending roughly $435 billion, holiday sales crush the nearest competition (back-to-school sales at approximately... more »

Is Your Grass Greenest?

For many independent garden centers, lawn care products have become a small part of their product offerings, taking a distant backseat to such things as flowering plants, garden décor and even birding products. Perhaps the... more »

Take The Plunge

Creating a water garden department is not hard and offers the opportunity for another significant profit center in the store and substantial cross selling from other departments. The water garden season extends from very early... more »

Adding Some Fashionable Flair

Whether they are purely decorative or wholly functional, fashion accessories are now part of everyday life. If you're skeptical, count the different accessories you have used, worn or displayed today. People consciously and unconsciously choose... more »

From Trash To Treasure

Broken plates, scratched CDs and tattered screen doors are items usually destined for the junkyard. Yet some inventive individuals use these and other typically discarded products in displays to create unique recycled garden décor. Economic... more »