Prioritizing Profit

For most garden centers, green goods is the largest single department. It stocks the most products and takes up the most square footage. But what about profit? How do green goods compare to other departments... more »

In the Bag

When it is time for a customer who has just spent a fair amount of money in your store to check out, what kind of bag or box should you give them? Something that small... more »

Pots, Planters & Statuary: What’s Next in Containers

From what I can gather, making a decision between the lighter weight materials and the heavier ceramic, plaster and such is not really the main concern when it comes to consumers choosing pots, planters and... more »

Weights and Measures Update

This industry is now worth over $40 billion in annual revenue, and gardening has become America's number-one outdoor leisure activity. All major network morning shows have gardening segments, there's a separate rack for gardening magazines... more »

Fresh from the Garden Center

Many garden center owners, managers and other employees have produce to thank for their beginnings. Most of us have heard the story, "Grandpa set up a seasonal produce stand and later brought in some flowers,... more »

Point of sale software: A Few Pointers

Point of sale (POS) and office software is only important to a business owner or manager who wants to be in control of the business and not blind. If properly used it shows the health... more »

Making the Most of Mixed Containers

We all know that mixed containers are among the hottest and best-priced item selling at retail today! One factor driving demand for containers is the amount of exposure featuring mixed containers in consumer media. Television... more »

Plant Profit in an Instant

I was telling a salesperson at my local garden center about my recent change of landscaping plans, and they directed me to some All-American Selections (AAS) winners. The salesperson gave me a brief overview of... more »


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