Store Design

Seductive Sensory Surroundings

It's hard to believe most sellers of plants and flowers can't find the time to make their products and the surroundings that house them as romantically desirable as the product (and sales space) demands. It's... more »

Signage 101

Do you own a computer and a printer? If you said "yes," it's time to completely eliminate all hand-written retail signage. Hand-written signs might have been OK in the past, but just like avocado-colored refrigerators,... more »

Profitable Or Not: A Guide to Evaluating Garden Centers

Consumer expenditures for lawn and garden activities have experienced strong growth over the past 15 years and were estimated to be about $35 billion in 2005, according to the National Gardening Association. Others estimate even... more »

Independents: Setting Themselves Apart

Retailing horticultural products has come a long way in a short time. Do you remember when you produced handwritten signage? Now we have educational, brand-oriented, vibrant, professionally made signs. Do you remember when we sold... more »

Retail Makeover: Building a Fresh New Look

Are you ready to be among the ranks of swanky, upscale depart-ment stores? This season, make it a priority to keep key endcaps and island displays filled to the brim with new and exciting plants... more »

Color Squared

Color! Everyone knows color sells. If there was ever an overused statement in recent years, this would be in the top five. Yet, how many of you are truly taking advantage of the opportunities before... more »

Creating A Fountain Department

Deciding on a fountain department is a big leap. For those of you who have taken this leap, you are well aware of the work involved. Yet this step could establish an advantage over the... more »

Embrace An Inviting Space

It's a fairly simple idea: Make a store so inviting, so comfortable that customers want to linger among the products. The longer they linger, the more likely it is they will pick up additional purchases... more »

A Checkup On Checkouts

The last part of a shopping trip to the garden center is often the most memorable for customers. What happens or doesn't happen at checkout can make or break a customer's experience. If things grind... more »

What Looks Good To You?

As you're walking through the mall or driving down the street, which retail stores grab your attention? It might be a store's window display, its advertisement on the side of a bus or another person... more »

Color Blocking For Hard Goods

Welcome to Retailing 101. This is a new series that Lawn & Garden Retailer and the University of Florida are bringing to those readers that are new to the business, are looking to start a... more »

Merchandising ornaments For Fun & Profit

The holiday decorating or "Trim-a-Tree" business (as it is commonly called) can be very lucrative. Lawn and garden retailers understand that the holiday season is a peak shopping period when consumers have more discretionary income... more »