Store Design

March 2006
UK Garden Retailing

Like many of my friends in the UK and United States, my family and I are spoiled for places to shop for our food, clothes and houseware products. While we all have regional and local... more »

January 2006
First Impressions: Costly Impressions

It's not a recent discovery that first impressions — such as curb appeal, parking lot design and maintenance — mean a lot when it comes to customers' perceptions of your store. But, what happens after... more »

Is an Onsite Workshop for You?
Is an Onsite Workshop for You?

The story of Bemis Farms Nursery is the story of an industry. Although the garden center is unique in its philosophy, presentation, products and personality, it is representative of the more than 17,000 independent garden... more »

August 2005
Retail Ready Poinsetias

Growers and retailers are continually challenged to maximize quality and profitability of poinsettia crops. This flower is the traditional "living symbol of Christmas" and a must have in retail outlets everywhere. So bottom line, if... more »

July 2005
Creative Easter Displays Get Sales Hopping

A gray January day in Chicago seems a long way from the bustling energy of April, where hope for increased sales springs anew. It's a slow time for imagination and enthusiasm when the cash registers... more »

Green Goods: Bulbs…More than Just Spring
Green Goods: Bulbs…More than Just Spring

In the American Midwest, Northeast and areas with similar climates, the great majority of tulip, daffodil, crocus and hyacinth bulbs fill the months of April and May with glorious color and sweetness after our long,... more »

Closed for Profit
Closed for Profit

Spring — the sound of registers ringing, customers questioning and shopping carts rolling. And then there's fall and winter — for some of you the same sounds can be heard, but for others of you,... more »

ABC’s of Sign Making… the Digital Way
ABC’s of Sign Making… the Digital Way

Most everyone would agree that an excellent way to increase your retail sales is by creating customer awareness through promotions and marketing. While many store owners have already developed extensive advertising programs, they often overlook... more »

April 2005
Accessibility for All

February 2005, Hecht's and Lord & Taylor department stores agreed to make their stores accessible for disabled shoppers by providing wider pathways between clothing racks, lower cash registers and wider fitting rooms. Wasn't that nice... more »

March 2005
Prioritizing Profit

For most garden centers, green goods is the largest single department. It stocks the most products and takes up the most square footage. But what about profit? How do green goods compare to other departments... more »

July 2004
Maximizing Your Display Garden

Display gardens are not new to our industry. Whether they come in the form of a border garden along the roadside, a 200-sq.ft. plot in a high traffic area of the property, or a 5-acre... more »