August 2013

The Next Big Thing(s)

Hundreds of new introductions made their debut at the 2013 California Spring Trials. Here's a snapshot of some of our favorites.

Tune into Trends

Here are a few highly anticipated trends in outdoor furniture and accessories that you'll want to keep an eye on.

2013 Merchandiser of the Year Finalists

While the judges are in deliberation to pick a winner, check out the four finalists in our 2013 Merchandiser of the Year competition.

Engage All Five Senses @ Retail

Looking at sight, touch, sound, smell and taste, consider how you can better support your customers in all five areas of their senses.

Brand Benefits

It's more critical than ever we create and deliver a brand promise built on the benefits you as a retailer and the products in your assortments provide based on how you and your products can enhance your customers' quality of life.

Decisions, Decisions

Your travel budget has probably taken a few voluntary (and involuntary) hits over the years. What are you doing to get yourself and your team back out there among peers, experts and new products?

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