February 2017

Complementary Business

Chicago is a prime location for hundreds of unique retailers, and I find myself lucky to get to explore them on a regular basis. One of my favorite places to set up shop for getting some work done ... more

Brewing Garden Center Success

The Windsor Gardener in Colorado opened High Hops Brewery to create one dynamite business.

The Tech Advantage

Technology can improve many facets of your garden center and help reach your customers in new and engaging ways.

12 Months of Eco-Friendly Sales Goals

How many eco-conscious shoppers do you encounter in your garden center daily? This is still a hugely untapped market when talking about everyday sales encounters and should really be considered a viab... more

Using Scientific Research to Sell More Wild Bird Products

From seed types to side-by-side feeder comparisons, data from recent studies can help drive your product assortment.

The Benefits of the Garden

Customers are compelled to garden for a number of reasons, and with these ideas, you can guide those looking to find healing outdoors.

Green Beyond Christmas

For environmentally conscious customers, evergreens have potential not just during the traditional holiday season.

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking

Use these apps and other resources to help educate your employees to really be a resource for your customers.

Mind Your P’s and E’s!

I’ve always been an ardent admirer of the Midshipmen, the football team of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Every single student is on a full academic scholarship (there are no athleti... more

Outside the Vines: Customer Service is Key

Independent retailers constantly search for what will set them apart from big box stores as well as other retailers. The answer is sometimes as simple as providing great customer service, says Peter B... more

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