June 2017

The Best Conversation All Day

In the following pages of this issue, you’ll find numerous articles focused on ways to engage all customers who walk through your doors.

Thinking Outside the Box: Why Classes & Events Matter

Get tips on educating and entertaining customers from Tagawa Gardens in Centennial, Colorado.

Your Customers Are Talking

Hear what 275,000 consumers are saying and how these trends should impact your business.

All Eyes on Retail

During the 2017 California Spring Trials in April, exhibiting companies showcased incredible displays and concepts ready for the independent garden center.

A Tale of Two Gardeners: Daring to Be Different and How to Sell It!

Discover how retailers approach various types of customers, from those who are eager to those who are lost.

What’s Trending for Wildlife?

Take a look at what’s hot in Europe surrounding bees, insects and birds.

Learn From the Mistakes of Others

Understanding the core challenges failing businesses faced can help prevent you from going down the same path they did.

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