Rudbeckia American Gold Rush

Nov 7, 2022
Industry Associations Promote Rudbeckia for 2023

For the first time ever, three major industry non-profits are promoting a plant class and specific variety. 

For All-America Selections, one of the first perennial winners from their three-winter trial is Rudbeckia ‘American Gold Rush’.

National Garden Bureau’s 2023 perennial of the year is the Year of the Rudbeckia.

National Garden Bureau's 2023 perennial of the year is the Year of the RudbeckiaThe Perennial Plant Association’s 2023 Perennial Plant of the Year is ‘American Gold Rush’.

This means the time is right for brokers, growers and retailers to all take advantage of this “Triple Crown of Horticulture” and use the free promotional programs to promote an iconic American garden plant, the rudbeckia, and specifically ‘American Gold Rush.’  

The interest in rudbeckias is booming, the products are available, and the chatter is at an all time high for this plant. 

Perennial Plant Association members chose ‘American Gold Rush’ because at the height of summer it turns up the volume for a long season of dazzling color right up to autumnal frosts. More than just boosting the ornamental show, however, the hairy foliage is resistant to Septoria leaf spot — a debilitating fungal disease that causes unsightly black spotting and premature seasonal decline on some rudbeckia. ‘American Gold Rush’ is a reliable hardy perennial and a stunning focal point in perennial borders and meadows as well as being brilliant when massed in public or corporate landscapes. 

The National Garden Bureau chose rudbeckia as the perennial for their 2023 “Year of the” popular consumer program for many reasons. Rudbeckias are native to much of North America, are pollinator friendly, very easy for home gardeners to grow and there are many new varieties to showcase.

Breeders, brokers, seed companies, growers and garden centers throughout the U.S. and Canada are urged to highlight these flowers and plants when planning their marketing for the 2023 season as the publicity generated from these programs is substantial. 

Industry Associations Promote Rudbeckia for 2023