Nov 23, 2021
Armitage Publishes Family Inspired Book

Armitage Publishes Family Inspired BookIn his new book, Tales of Big Jon and Other Creatures, Allan Armitage, Ph.D., has stepped out of the hort world and shares entertaining stories of his family as they were growing up.

“The only difference between my stories and yours is that I wrote them down at the time. I have been writing this book for over 40 years!,” he says.

“Young children are story machines. The simple act of growing up always results in unplanned adventures and missteps that are often wildly entertaining to the family. As parents, we cope with their antics at the time, laugh about them later, then forget them as new journeys begin.”

The Armitage children had more than their share of adventures and these stories will serve as entertainment for your friends and family.

“I feel many of my family’s adventures will bring back memories of the reader’s own children’s frolics, and I hope they will make readers smile, and some may even result in spontaneous belly laughter.”

Illustrations in the Tales of Big Jon and Other Creatures by award-winning graphic designer Valarie Nicholas bring the stores even more alive. Armitage says he believes that story telling is as old as time, and time stands still as we enjoy reliving our children’s youth.

Part of the book’s sales will go to Extra Special People, Inc. ESP exists to create transformative experiences for people of all disabilities and their families, changing communities for the better. Based in Athens, Georgia, ESP offers summer camp and daily enrichment programs; family support such as retreats, dinners, and counseling; a mobile coffee cart, Java Joy, that employs adults with disabilities, and Camp Hooray, a 90-acre property with an aim to be the country’s first universally accessible camp, retreat center, and much more. ESP welcomes over 700 families and participants from across the Southeast, all with a variety of diagnoses such as Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spina Bifida, and more. Participants and families are never turned away from ESP because of their ability or finances.

The Armitages are longtime supporters of ESP ( and say they hope the contribution from book sales will help make a difference.

Armitage is an award-winning author having written 15 horticultural books. This green industry icon is well known among horticulturalists, gardeners and plants-people for his no-nonsense, informative, storytelling style of writing and lecturing on all things green.


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