Sep 16, 2020
Blight-Resistant Boxwood to Hit the Market

Plant Development Services Inc. and Tree Town USA recently partnered to introduce Better Boxwood, the first collection of scientifically bred blight-resistant boxwood in the industry.

The Better Boxwood series is reportedly  the result of over 20 years of breeding and trials in Europe, led by Belgium grower Didier Hermans in cooperation with the Flemish Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research, both leaders in the fight against blight in Europe for 20 years. The Better Boxwood series will offer four different blight resistance varieties each with a unique size and form to fill any Boxwood need.

The newly formed partnership named Boxwood Solutions Inc. will begin taking liner orders in September 2021 for Spring 2022 delivery to grower partners across the U.S. The Better Boxwood line will be available to consumers beginning in Spring of 2023.

To learn more about Plant Development Services Inc., visit Town USA can be found at


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