New Study Explores Consumer Perceptions of Floral Industry Sustainability

Jan 6, 2023
Consumer Perceptions of Floral Industry Sustainability Examined

A new research study, “Consumer Perceptions & Willingness to Pay for Sustainable Environmental Practices in the Floral Industry,” has launched under the direction of the Floral Marketing Fund (FMF) through researchers at Mississippi State University (MSU) and the Texas State University (TSU).

The study is facilitated by the Floral Marketing Fund, in cooperation with the American Floral Endowment (AFE) and co-sponsored by leading floral industry companies, BloomNet, a floral services provider, and Syndicate Sales, a floral hardgoods supplier.

The main purpose of this study is to gain an understanding of consumer perceptions as they relate to retail floral providers’ sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Survey results will aid in helping thousands of floral providers make decisions regarding how to structure their businesses to become more environmentally friendly. BloomNet, Syndicate Sales, and the Floral Marketing Fund expect to distribute results through industry presentations and social media. In addition, they will collaborate to develop video-based online courses designed to train floral providers on best sustainability practices.

Sustainable retail floral providers include florists, wedding/event planners, grocery and other consumer-facing outlets that practice more environmentally sound business decisions such as buying fair-trade, local, and organically grown flowers, recycling flower waste and cardboard, using energy-efficient light bulbs and/or floral coolers, using more sustainable delivery methods such as electric vehicles, reducing the use of single-use products such as plastic sleeves and floral foam, etc.

Researchers for the study include Coleman Etheredge, Ph.D., (MSU), who is leading this study, assisted by Tina Waliczek Cade, Ph.D., (TSU) and James DelPrince, Ph.D. (MSU).

The Floral Marketing Fund represents a community of floral industry organizations and leaders, like BloomNet and Syndicate Sales, collaboratively supporting and funding floral marketing efforts, consumer research, and promoting the emotional wellness and health benefits to increase consumer consumption of flowers and plants. Additional studies and ways to get involved can be found at