Monstera Thai-Constellation-Costa-Farms

Mar 7, 2022
Costa Farms Releases Update on Monstera ‘Thai Constellation’ Availability

Costa Farms recently announced that its Monstera ‘Thai Constellation’ will not be commercially available this year. The company posted the following notice on its website:

“Here at Costa Farms, we know you’re excited about Monstera ‘Thai Constellation’ — and we are, too. We also know that so many of you are sad about the fact that it’s still not commercially available since we unveiled it at TPIE, an industry trade show in 2020.  The fact that we haven’t been able to release it for you has made our team equally sad.

“Ultimately, we can’t release it into the marketplace until we have sufficient numbers. Unfortunately, ‘Thai Constellation’ has some quirks that are preventing us from producing the tens of thousands of baby plants we need from tissue culture. Now as we start 2022, we can no longer give a release date for Thai Constellation. When we announced it in 2020, our research and development team’s early trials looked promising. But we still need to solve for this issue of scale.

“We know many of you will be sad to read this — and we are sad too. We want you to know our growers are still working on solving these challenges and we will provide an update once we can more confidently do so.

“In the meantime, we will be offering 200 of our oldest mother plants to some of our retailer partners and donating the sales of these plants to charities that support local communities. Stay tuned — we’ll be providing more details in the next few days about which stores these 200 Thai Constellation plants will be available in.