Farwest Show Nightfall Snowbell (Styrax japonicus Best in Show winner

Aug 25, 2022
Farwest Show Announces New Varieties Awards

The Oregon Association of Nurseries and the Farwest Show have announced the judges’ selections in the 2022 New Varieties Showcase for Best in Show and three Awards of Merit. These reportedly represent the best new plant selections on display in the view of the judges.

Nightfall Snowbell (Styrax japonicus ‘JFS 6SJ’) was the Best in Show winner. The plant, bred by Keith Warren and introduced by J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co. based in Boring, Oregon, combines the deep purple foliage of Evening Light Snowbell with the weeping form of greenleafed cultivars such as Fragrant Fountain. It features purple emerging leaves with green undertones, which contrast with pearly white flower buds in spring. They open to reveal creamy white, bell-shaped blooms. The leaves darken as the season continues. It is available from J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co. as #10 containers and multiple bare root sizes.

In addition, judges gave Awards of Merit to:

Farwest Show Vinho Verde WeigelaWeigela ‘Vinho Verde’ (Weigela florida ‘Smnwfbgv’ PPAF), introduced by Spring Meadow Nursery. It was discovered as a variegated sport on a seedling whose parents were golden ‘Briant’s Rubidor’ and burgundy ‘Naomi Campbell’. It has lime green leaves set off with a bold, black margin. A light crop of red-pink flowers appears in late spring, but the foliage is the main draw. The plant is available in 2-gallon containers from Farwest exhibitor Walla Walla Nursery Co.

Farwest Show Invincibelle Sublime™ Hydrangea

Hydrangea ‘Invincibelle Sublime’ (Hydrangea arborescens ‘SMNHRL’ PPAF, CPBRAF), bred by Tim Wood and introduced by Proven Winners ColorChoice Flowering Shrubs. It is a fullsized smooth hydrangea with cloud-like mophead flowers on sturdy stems. The plant is available in 2¼-inch, 4-inch and quart containers from Farwest exhibitors Walla Walla Nursery Co., Oregon Pride Nurseries Inc., Alpha Nursery Inc. and Fisher Farms.

Farwest Show Pretty Parasols Coneflower

Coneflower ‘Pretty Parasols’ (Echinacea ‘JS Engeltje’), introduced by Concept Plants. It is a low-maintenance, high endurance coneflower with strong stems that flowers from July through November, with flowers appearing one after another, not opening at the same time. They appear at different heights, giving a “wild” look with multiple flowers on each stem. The plant is available in 1-gallon containers from Farwest exhibitor Walla Walla Nursery Co.

“The best place to find the full range of new plant introductions is at the New Varieties Showcase,” said Heather Cyrus, manager of events and education for the Oregon Association of Nurseries, which produces the show. “Growers and breeders have brought out their best, most exciting new plants, so the industry can see where future plants are headed.”

All of the New Varieties Showcase selections are viewable at the Farwest Show and at https://farwestshow.com/new-varieties-showcase/