May 7, 2020
Keeping the Buzz Going

Kurt S. Adler Bee My Honey OrnamentFor Kurt S. Adler, the Atlanta Gift Show in January was buzzing with curiosity and interest in the magical main entrance display of the 2020 Bee theme. Customers and onlookers came to visit the showroom to see the line of bee products features Christmas tree ornaments with sweet sayings like “Bee My Honey,” “Bee Queen,” “More Bees More Honey,” and “Save Our Bees.”

Aside from the beautiful aesthetics of the gold-and-black designs, it also brings awareness to the plight of decreasing bee hive colonies and how devastating this could be for our plant food supply. Pollinators are vital to our planet, and creating sustainable habitats is crucial to maintaining a healthy bee population. Climate change, extreme weather, and overuse of pesticides has been depleting the overall bee numbers.  Additionally, the recent arrival of murder hornets to North America further threatens the bee population.

There is a major movement all over the country to repopulate depleted bee hives and to start new ones. Even New York City is actively engaging in this effort. The city seems to be a haven for hives with hundreds of community gardens and dozens of bee sanctuaries, making it possible for the production of nutritious locally grown food since its completely dependent of pollination. The city schedules many activities and tours that are offered through the Honeybee Conservancy.

Cities all over the country, inspired by Bee City USA’s mission, are taking action to fight the decline of the pollinators we need so dearly. The Bee City program endorse a set of standards for creating sustainable pollinator habitats.

As a leader in the industry, we at Kurt S. Adler, Inc. take great pride in setting certain standards and creating a positive and lasting impact.  We are thrilled to be helping to raise awareness and to help spark conversation about the bee population.