KidsGardening Opens Summer Photo Contest

Jul 12, 2022
KidsGardening Opens Summer Photo Contest

KidsGardening recently announced it has opened its summer photo contest, with five categories and 30 winners to be chosen.

Categories are:

  • Kids in the garden. Kids being kids in the garden! Happy, silly, digging, harvesting, nibbling, working, and or resting young gardeners.
  • Family, friends, community. Youth gardening is often a community endeavor. Show us kids WITH the adults who make the garden possible.
  • My garden. Kids, take a photo of your garden! Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, hydroponic or aquaponic, in a raised bed or in a bucket, we can’t wait to see what makes your garden special.
  • Garden creatures. Pollinators, worms, insects, and pets in the garden!
  • Garden lessons. Show us garden-based learning in action! Garden art, science, caring for a peer, service projects, and more.

Two photographs will be chosen from each of the above five categories, for a total of 10 category winners. Twenty honorable mentions will also be chosen.

Photo contest entries will be accepted until Aug. 8, and winners will be announced Aug. 30.

Find the rules and entry form here.