Jun 14, 2022
NGB Promotes Container Pollinator Gardens to 200 Million Consumers

National Garden Bureau (NGB), as part of its continuing mission to promote gardening, has published and distributed a consumer press release on creating container pollinator gardens

With the help of its members, NGB created an article entitled “Top 10 plants for pollinator-friendly containers,” which has earned well over 1,000 placements in news outlets such as the LA Times, Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Gate, Chicago Tribune and others. Those online placements have, thus far, reached 209 million consumers with print placements reaching another 652,000 readers.  

“The timing of this couldn’t have been better,” says Diane Blazek, executive director of NGB. “We wanted to get this release out now because June 20-26, 2022 is Pollinator Week.”

For 2022, NGB continues to create educational and inspirational content and interactive ways for members to reach their target consumer. To learn more about becoming a National Garden Bureau member, contact Diane Blazek at [email protected] or 630.963.0770.