PanAmerican Seed Announces Early-Release Seed Introductions for 2023 Pansy Cool Wave-Blue

Oct 18, 2021
PanAmerican Seed Announces Early-Release Seed Introductions for 2023

PanAmerican Seed recently released a select group of new 2023 introductions for sale. These early-release seed products provide growers a chance to purchase larger quantities of the best new varieties a year in advance, and sell them during the 2022 season rather than only offering small quantities for sampling.

This year’s 2023 early-release list includes three new Beacon Impatiens mixes named for famous lighthouses across the globe to “shine more light” on color for the shade with high resistance to Impatiens downy mildew. PanAmerican Seed is also releasing seed for Cool Wave Blue Spreading Pansy to meet spring-season demand for pansy baskets and landscape color.

“Giving early access to our newest genetics as soon as we have seed in stock supports the sales timeline for growers and expands our plant trial season,” says Mark Gross, sales account manager for PanAmerican Seed. “PanAmerican Seed remains committed to plant trials with growers before wider introduction to confirm performance. Launching new products early helps generate market interest and feedback from consumers and landscaper customers.”

To see the full list of 2023 early sales products, visit our website Watch for additional 2023 product launch announcements closer to California Spring Trials in March 2022.