Plant Development Services to Announce New Varieties at Cultivate'21 Hydrangea Princess Bride

Jun 21, 2021
Plant Development Services to Debut New Varieties at Cultivate’21

Plant Development Services Inc. has announced its 2022 trade releases debuting at Cultivate’21.

“As consumer interest in gardening and ornamental plants continues to soar, we’re thrilled to offer new varieties that enliven the landscape and offer an invigorating plant palette for home gardeners and industry,” says Kip McConnell, business development director.

Highlights of the new introductions include:

‘Real Goldcup’ Leucanthemum – This stunning new Shasta Daisy with long-lasting, bright yellow blooms is the yellowest Shasta on the market. Whether grown in cottage gardens, for cut flowers, or as bold borders, ‘Real Goldcup’ brings color to any space. A water-wise and deer-resistant plant suited to USDA Zones 5-9b, ‘Real Goldcup’ produces its signature blooms in late spring through the fall.

‘Butterfly Towers Magenta’ Buddleia and ‘Butterfly Towers White’ Buddleia – This unique new Buddleia is a vertical growing butterfly magnet. A tower of eye-catching magenta or crisp white blooms in summer, Butterfly Towers is ideal for hedges or screens or as an easy-care garden accent. Both varieties thrive in USDA Zones 5a-9b, full sun to part shade. Maturing to 4-5 feet high by 2-3 feet wide, Butterfly Towers produces copious blooms year after year that can be enjoyed outdoors in spring through summer, or taken indoors in stunning cut flower arrangements.

‘Princess Bride’ Hydrangea – This unique new hydrangea hybrid forms flowers with remarkable petals up and down each stem, resulting in white lacecap flowers from spring to fall. The stunning petals offer intricate shapes in crisp white hues, as classic as a delicate lace. ‘Princess Bride’ grows 3-4 feet high and wide and is hardy in USDA Zones 7b-10.

It’s a Breeze Ivory Blush Rose – Winter hardy to zone 4, heat tolerant and extremely disease resistant, this tough but attractive groundcover rose makes gardening a breeze! The abundant blooms of It’s a Breeze appear in spring and rebloom into fall, blooming pure white in warm temperatures and pale pink in cooler temps. Maturing to 2.5-3 feet high by 3-4 feet wide and thriving in full sun, It’s a Breeze is an excellent choice for accents, containers, hedges, or mass plantings.

These new releases will be available to consumers under the Southern Living Plant Collection and Sunset Plant Collection labels at garden centers across the country.