PPA Special Recognition awards

Mar 1, 2022
PPA Seeks Special Recognition Award Nominations

Each year, the Perennial Plant Association recognizes distinguished perennial professionals for their contributions to the industry. Nominations are now open for the 2022 Special Recognition Awards.

Review each category description and select the most appropriate one for nomination. Nominations are due by March 30.

Award of Merit
The Award of Merit recognizes an individual(s) who has significantly contributed to the herbaceous perennial plant industry in growing, marketing, contracting, writing, teaching, extension, research, landscaping, hybridizing, promotion, or innovation. This prestigious award is presented at the Perennial Plant Symposium.

Academic Award
This award is given each year to recognize a PPA member who provides exceptional leadership in education to our industry. The award may be given to nominees who are professors, researchers, teachers, master gardeners, cooperative extension agents, librarians, public garden directors, horticultural lecturers, etc.

Garden Media Promoter
This award distinguishes a nominee representing media such as radio, television, newspaper, book publishing, magazine, photography, etc., whose educational and promotional efforts result in heightened public awareness of the work done by the perennial plant industry. The recipient of this award need not be a member of the Perennial Plant Association.

Retail Sales Award
This award is presented to a PPA member in recognition of being a commercial representative instrumental in making an operation progressive and successful in outstanding sales and service. Nominations may include garden centers and mail-order companies.

Young Professional Award
This award may be given to a PPA member to recognize and honor, and to encourage participation, achievement and growth of, an individual in the industry who is a talented and diligent newcomer. The award will be given to a PPA member who has shown involvement in the PPA, who has contributed to the success of that member’s company, and who has portrayed a positive image of the industry to the public.

Grower Award
This award is presented to a PPA member in recognition of being a grower who holds high standards of production, maintains high quality plants, and seeks innovation while respecting the requirements of the perennial industry.

International Contributor
This award may be given to a candidate who conducts business and resides in a country other than the United States and Canada. The recipient of this award need not be a member of the PPA. The award recognizes a person who has made outstanding contributions to the herbaceous perennial industry in the international arena.

Service Award
This award acknowledges a PPA member for outstanding service to the Perennial Plant Association. The award goes to a member who has contributed considerable time and effort by serving on committees, diligently attending meetings, motivating the membership to act on concerns within our industry, and demonstrating leadership and organizational skills.

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