Apr 27, 2010
Private Garden Takes its Green Commitment PublicSource: Private Garden

Private Garden recently announced a new division of its company, PG Green, which will introduce an array of environmentally sound and cost-effective products to its customers.

Through a partnership with Focus Energy, PG Green will supply customers with environmentally conscious energy solutions, such as European biomass boilers and photovoltaic solar panels. Biomass boilers burn waste such as straw, wet woodchips and other yard waste for fuel; photovoltaic panels attach directly to structures, ground arrays, parking garages or high-rise buildings and turn sunlight directly into usable energy and electricity.

Private Garden encourages customers to give it a try and see how quickly they’ll get a return on their investmen. For details on PG Green, call 800.421.4527. For more information on Private Garden, visit the company’s website at www.private-garden.com.


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