Proven Winners Announces Virtual IGC Webinar Series

Sep 7, 2021
Proven Winners Announces Virtual IGC Webinar Series

Proven Winners has announced details on its Fall Retail Webinar Series.

Oct. 12: “Take Back Control: The Importance of Driving Trends Instead of Chasing Them”

Leslie Halleck

When it comes to keeping up with trends, are you in the driver’s seat or a passenger hanging on for dear life? Keeping up with trends in the marketplace can feel like riding a roller coaster. By the time you react and start to tap into a new gardening or houseplant trend, your customers may already be moving on. Would you rather let social media influencers determine what you need to sell then chase down that product … or would you rather control that conversation from the start? As new and inexperienced gardeners search for guidance and inspiration, now is the time to take charge and lead from the front. Leslie will dig deeper into this idea and inspire you to quit chasing trends, and take the wheel as trend setters.

Oct. 21: “Creating Culture of Attraction”

John Kennedy

The current work environment has been more challenged than ever to attract top talent to the green industry businesses, along with many other industries in North America. Join John as he explores what employees are looking for as they seek new employment or look for a career change from their existing jobs. Knowing how to build a culture of attraction is an inside job, and having your current employees become your most raving recruiters is vital to the success of building a world-class team.

Oct. 28: “Creating a Culture of Retention”

John Kennedy

Studies show that what motivates employees today is not what motivated them just five years ago. Knowing the right approach and mindset to the retention of top talent is vital to your ability to reduce turnover, enhance longevity, and retain the great folks that swing for the fence each day for you and your business. Also important is the ability to weed out the underperformers and make room for the achievers to grow. Strong leadership and accountability are a few of the many qualities John will address in this customized workshop.

Nov. 18: “Creating a Culture of Engagement”

John Kennedy

Alignment of employees toward a common goal or objective is the key to creating a culture of engagement. Whether it’s driving the average transaction, reducing your labor/sales ratio, or improving upon your Five Star Commitments to your customers, “Creating a Line of One Culture” will bring your employee engagement results higher and higher which in turn will allow you to hire and hire!

Nov. 4: “If the Shoe Fits”

Anne Obarski

We are all part of a $1.5 trillion economy that is one click away from being tempted by the competition. Consumers used to be much more forgiving, often giving three strikes before you were out.

Now your customers can leave you with one mistake, one blunt conversation or a slow website response! What is your company’s touchpoint score? Are you aware of where you must put your focus to avoid any and all parts of your customer service delivery falling through that lethal crack?

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