Schoneveld Breeding's cyclamen ‘Illusia’ awarded 2024 New Plant Award

Jul 1, 2024
Schoneveld Breeding’s cyclamen ‘Illusia’ awarded 2024 New Plant Award

Schoneveld Breeding announced its cyclamen ‘Illusia’ has received the New Plant Award for Flowering Houseplants at the HTA National Plant Show 2024. The award, given on June 21, recognizes ‘Illusia’ as one of the most innovative and exceptional plant varieties introduced this year.

The HTA National Plant Show featured over 99 entries across seven categories. ‘Illusia’ reportedly stood out in the Flowering Houseplants category, impressing judges with its unique flower display and captivating features.

“Sometimes your ‘breeder’s eye’ sees something special, and you know it has immense potential,” said Sadrach Talahatu, breeder.

Schoneveld Breeding's cyclamen ‘Illusia’ awarded 2024 New Plant AwardProfitplant BV presented ‘Illusia’ at the show, where it drew immediate admiration.

“Anyone who saw ‘Illusia’ for the first time was immediately amazed,” said Stefan van der Dussen of Profitplant BV. The plant’s presentation in a printed pot with a label garnered significant attention.

“This is a fantastic new plant, quite unlike any the judges had seen before. With serious impact and a definite ‘Wow!’ factor, I’m sure this will be a great success in garden centers and well-loved by the public too,” said Pippa Greenwood, horticulture manager for HTA.

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Photos courtesy of Schoneveld Breeding.