Studio M Reengineers Art Planters to Be 100% American-Made

Jul 21, 2022
Studio M Reengineers Planters to Be 100% American-Made

Studio M recently announced it has reengineered its Art Planters to be 100% American-made. In addition to this redesign, the company also introduced over 600 décor accents for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

Studio M’s new planters include a variety of styles in a redesigned 15-inch size.

“By streamlining the planter design and offering one standard size, we were able to partner with a local materials supplier,” said Sue Todd, Studio M co-founder and director of product management. “This change supports more domestic jobs and allows for greater availability, quicker turnaround times, and a much smaller carbon footprint.”

In addition to the planters, retailers can find three new Garden Collections online for fall and winter. One of this season’s collections was inspired by conversations with customers.

“We heard lots of requests for a neutral winter look that could carry through past the holidays and we immediately got to work,” said Margo Tantau, director of product design & innovation. “I think our Winter Chickadee collection will be just what these customers are looking for. It has more general winter elements — snowflakes, birds, greenery — and gorgeous artwork that is perfect for brightening up drab winter landscapes.”

For fall and winter 2022, Studio M’s offerings are more seasonal than holiday focused.

“This launch, we tried a slightly different approach by offering more looks that last longer across a season,” said Tantau. “Featuring seasonal color schemes on products instead of focusing on a festive character or element allows customers to enjoy their decor for extended periods of time.”

Studio M also included more bereavement and sympathy themes for gifting during the holiday season.

“We’ve expanded our selection for those that are going through difficult moments in life. Gifting a cancer survivor Mini Art Pole or an Art Pot with an encouraging message shows your support when your loved ones need it most.”

Find Studio M’s new fall and winter offerings online and via digital catalog at