Suntory Flowers names New President

Mar 27, 2023
Suntory Flowers announces new president, management changes

Suntory Flowers has named Yasunori Yomo president, effective April 1. He succeeds Taizo Chinju, who has been promoted to chairman.

Yomo began his career as a breeder when he was assigned to Suntory’s flower business division in 1995. Prior to that, he was a wine engineer at Suntory’s Yamanashi Winery. He graduated from Kyoto University with a master’s degree in agricultural science and was part of the pomology faculty, focused on fruit. More recently, he directed research, development and production and then transferred over to the business side, managing Suntory Flowers’ domestic business and business strategy.

“Yasunori has deep and extensive knowledge and experience in our industry, not only in business, but in science,” Chinju says. “Starting his career as a breeder, he has experienced sales, marketing and planning for bedding plants and cut flowers. I believe that Yasunori will bring us to the next stage.”

Suntory Flowers also announces changes in its North American leadership team. Executive general manager Masashi Matsumura will move to the beverage side of Suntory Holdings. Toshio Matsuyama will join Suntory Flowers from Suntory Holdings and Kentaro Suka will support him as manager.

“Masa has done a lot to expand our Suntory Flowers business, especially in North America,” Chinju says. “He has set up a strong team and tight relationships with our customers. Although we will miss Masa, he will contribute to grow Suntory’s global liquor and beverage business in his next position. Toshio is a newcomer to Suntory Flowers, but he has a broad career as part of the management team of a joint venture in liquor and as director of another Suntory group company. Kentaro has worked for Suntory Flowers for 20 years in sales, marketing and planning. Both will bring a new wave to our international business.”

Both Matsuyama and Suka will work closely with the U.S.-based team of general manager T. Jay Higgins, marketing director Delilah Onofrey, and sales and product representative Lorentina McKoy. Yukina Tani continues in her supporting role.



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