Terra Nova Nurseries Rolls out New Bergenia

Jun 1, 2022
Terra Nova Nurseries Rolls out New Bergenia

Terra Nova Nurseries has announced a new Bergenia, ‘Vintage Rose’.

The latest addition to the breeder’s Vintage Collection has large clusters of bright rose flowers, gracefully held above lovely small, green foliage. Moss-green leaves deepen in the winter and develop a burgundy halo around the edges of the foliage.

Bergenia ‘Vintage Rose’
Bergenia ‘Vintage Rose’

Bergenia ‘Vintage Rose’ grows with a clumping habit, making it a fantastic evergreen for mass plantings, containers, banks, mixed beds and the fronts of borders.

The new elephant’s ear features a wide range of special uses, such as being deer-resistant and well-suited for the American deep South. It also requires little water and offers a beautiful winter color.

Bergenia ‘Vintage Rose’ is hardy to Zones 4-9, and its exposure favors full sun or partial shade. This perennial blooms February to April with a moderate growth rate most active during the spring. It also desires well-drained soil when planted in gardens and likes to be moderately dry between waterings during finishing time in greenhouses.

The plant grows to a height of 7 inches, width of 14 inches and flower height of 12 inches.



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