AAS Landscape Design Challenge Winners Noelridge Park Gardens

2023 AAS Display Garden Landscape Design Challenge winners crowned

All-America Selections has announced the winners of its 2023 Landscape Design Challenge. The AAS Display Gardens were tasked with using their AAS-... more »

Monrovia Home Gardener Ultimate Spring Planning Guide 

Monrovia Releases Spring Planning Guide for Home Gardeners

Monrovia recently announced it is offering new inspiration for home gardeners to guide their planning and shopping for spring projects. The new Ultima... more »

Monrovia Creates New Backyard Habitat Guide

Monrovia Creates New Backyard Habitat Guide

Monrovia is offering inspiration for customers looking to create a garden that is alive with color and wildlife. The new Backyard Habitat Guide is a d... more »

‘Top 20’ Trees and Shrubs to Increase Property Value Tracy Walsh Photo

Top 20 List of Trees and Shrubs to Increase Property Released

Nearly 50% of American homeowners say they intend to invest more in their trees and shrubs as part of their overall outdoor maintenance this year, acc... more »

Perennial Plant Association logo

Perennial Plant Association Announces Call for Landscape Design Award Entries

The Perennial Plant Association is excited to announce that the application period for the 2021 Landscape  Design Awards is now open! The application... more »

Spotlight on Salvia and Snapdragon

As you're likely aware by now, the National Garden Bureau (NGB) has announced the four plants that will be featured in its "Year of the" program for 2... more »