Proven Winners Eco+ containers win sustainability award

2023 Sustainability Product award given to Proven Winners’ Eco+ Containers

Proven Winners Eco+ containers have been awarded 2023 Sustainability Product of the Year by Business Intelligence Group. The containers are comprised ... more »

Top Feature Articles of 2022

Top 10 Garden Retailer Feature Articles of 2022

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Studio M Reengineers Art Planters to Be 100% American-Made

Studio M Reengineers Planters to Be 100% American-Made

Studio M recently announced it has reengineered its Art Planters to be 100% American-made. In addition to this redesign, the company also introduced o... more »

Sporticulture Has Big Presence at NFL Draft

Sporticulture had its National Football League (NFL) themed plants on location at the official NFL Draft 2016 in Chicago, Illinois, on April 28. Spor... more »