Monstera deliciosa Thai Constellation

Jan 24, 2020
Costa Farms’ Monstera deliciosa Named Favorite New Foliage Plant at TPIE

With unique splashes of color reminiscent of a galaxy, Monstera deliciosa ‘Thai Constellation’, an interesting new variety of the hardy monstera plant, was chosen as Favorite New Foliage Plant at the 2020 Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition (TPIE) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Grown by Costa Farms of Miami, Florida, the award for ‘Thai Constellation’ marks the fifth year the company has taken home the prize for Favorite New Foliage Plant.

“It’s no coincidence that Costa Farms has won this award for the fifth consecutive year,” said Darryl Cheng, creator of House Plant Journal, author of ‘The New Plant Parent.’ “They lead the industry by introducing top quality plants of rare and exotic varieties and making them accessible to all plant lovers.”

This new variant of the monstera deliciosa has found a strong following on social media. It’s large, glossy cut leaves with small splashes of creamy white color make it a truly gorgeous addition to any plant collection. As the plant ages, the leaves take on a different structure, which is how Monsteras earned the nickname “Swiss cheese plant.”

“A plant like this is ideal for those consumers looking for dramatic and showy foliage,” said Mike Rimland, plant hunter at Costa Farms. “Its eye-catching leaves have a cosmic-like draw to them.”

‘Thai Constellation’ can be grown just about anywhere indoors. It can tolerate low light, but grows faster and becomes more dramatic in a bright spot. In most areas, it can take some direct sun on its leaves when grown in the house. The plant is somewhat drought tolerant, so you don’t need to worry about keeping up with the watering all the time. Water it regularly, just enough to keep the soil from drying out.

“The monstera trend has expanded beyond the plant industry and into fashion and retail,” said Rimland. “Plants that have variegated foliage are particularly trendy, and we expect to see a lot of interest in ‘Thai Constellation’ because of its good looks and easy care requirements.”