Garden Center Group Fall Event 2024 takes place in Dallas Texas

April 23, 2024
Garden Center Group reveals 2024 Fall Event details

The Garden Center Group Fall Event 2024 will take place Sept. 23-26 in Dallas, Texas, with an Early Bird Marketing Workshop (included in the cost of registration) scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 22. Highlights include: From... more »
Can We Talk? Your employees need to be polished communicators to interact with customers — here’s how.

May 2024
Can we talk? Improving communication in your garden center

When you work in a garden center, you wear many hats and need various skills. Garden center staff keeps plants in good shape, displays the merchandise attractively, makes sure the stock is accessible and assists... more »
Revamp Your Retail Series - Pricing products

May 2024
Revamp Your Retail Series: Pricing products

Pricing products is both art and science. It may be a challenge for some businesses, but pricing is a topic every management team should discuss at least once or twice a year. While pricing can... more »
Family Tree Nursery green goods merchandising

May 2024
Why your revenue product mix matters

I was always told in jest: You are what you eat! Having loved bacon as a kid, the joke didn’t make me laugh back then. Now, I love it. When looking at your garden centers,... more »
How to start your day off with successes and build on it

April 2024
How to start your day off with successes and build on it

Can you relate to this? You’re enjoying your first cup of coffee of the day before you head to work, and, because you have so much you want to accomplish today, you grab your smartphone... more »
Taking Stock Emerging P.O.S. and Inventory Management Solutions

April 2024
Taking stock: Emerging P.O.S. and inventory management solutions

Point-of-sale (P.O.S.) and inventory management systems are the backbone of garden retail operations; they’re responsible for conducting sales, tracking inventory and running reports. While P.O.S. systems have a long history of use in retail environments,... more »
Signs for success: 7 tips for captivating in-store signage

April 2024
Signs for success: 7 tips for captivating in-store signage

Creating a visually appealing in-store environment is a powerful way to draw in customers and boost sales. One way to create an immediate, affordable upgrade to your store is through updating the design and placement... more »
Attracting and Retaining Employees kicker stock

March 2024
How to attract employees with a marketing mindset

The job hunting experience can be tedious and monotonous for your potential employee, with constantly repeating tasks. From typing in their full name, uploading a resume and then retyping all of the content of their... more »

February 2024
Strong leadership breeds success: Are you ready to step up?

At retail garden centers, change is constant; it’s an integral component of your business’s DNA. But the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated and intensified the scope, depth and rapidity of the changes we faced — some government-mandated,... more »
A lot of new ideas at Wallace’s Garden Center come not only from staff, but from visiting other garden centers.

January 2024
Cultivating innovation in the garden center

It’s no secret innovation is key to staying relevant in garden retail. Lawn & Garden Retailer explored hot retail topics in a recent roundtable webinar with several recipients of its Innovator Awards: Edna Kane, Butterfly... more »
Revamp Your Retail Series: Merchandising

January 2024
Revamp Your Retail Series: Merchandising

What goes unseen goes unsold; if customers never see the product, they can’t buy it. This makes merchandising a keystone of retail sales. In mainstream marketing, merchandising research is often conducted with identical packages of... more »
Top Feature Articles of 2023

December 19, 2023
Top 13 garden retailer feature articles of 2023

We've crunched the numbers and the results are in: Following is a list of the 13 feature articles that received the most clicks from visitors to our website in 2023. 1. Meet the 2023 Lawn... more »