J. Berry Nursery supports community organizations with plant donations

June 13, 2024
J. Berry Nursery supports community organizations with plant donations

As gardeners throughout the country add crape myrtle 'Black Diamond' in landscapes or 'Hollywood Hibiscus' to containers this summer, the company behind those notable brands quietly boosts the bottom line of community organizations in its... more »
Moore and Moore in Nashville, Tennessee, adds a touch of whimsy with colorful lanterns in the greenhouse.

June 2024
A store by any other name

Your garden center is more than just another store. By nature, it’s a place people shop to help create an environment they want to come home to — they create part of their own story... more »
Proven Winners ColorChoice billboard lights up Times Square

May 16, 2024
Proven Winners ColorChoice billboard lights up Times Square

Proven Winners ColorChoice is taking the stage in one of the world's most iconic locations: Times Square. The renowned national shrub brand is lighting up the heart of New York City with its brilliant digital... more »
KidsGardening teams up with Little Seeds to offer a free Sensory Gardening with Kids Activity Kit

May 14, 2024
Free Sensory Gardening with Kids Activity Kit available

KidsGardening and Little Seeds Kids have teamed up to offer a free Sensory Gardening with Kids Activity Kit full of ideas for starting a sensory garden. The eight-page kit compiles sensory garden design tips and plant... more »
That Flower Feeling Color Logo

April 23, 2024
That Flower Feeling names 9 to marketing committee

CalFlowers has announced mission and members of their new marketing committee for its That Flower Feeling campaign. With a mission to increase per-capita consumption of flowers in the U.S. through a media campaign, the brand... more »
Garden Center Group Fall Event 2024 takes place in Dallas Texas

April 23, 2024
Garden Center Group reveals 2024 Fall Event details

The Garden Center Group Fall Event 2024 will take place Sept. 23-26 in Dallas, Texas, with an Early Bird Marketing Workshop (included in the cost of registration) scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 22. Highlights include: From... more »
That Flower Feeling Announces Release of New Floral Marketing Assets

April 18, 2024
That Flower Feeling releases new floral marketing assets

That Flower Feeling has released new floral marketing assets designed by their internal staff members. These promotional materials are crafted to highlight the appeal of flowers for self-care purposes, providing industry stakeholders with innovative and... more »
Elevate your IGC’s cut flower display with eyecatching wall displays like this one seen at Syngenta Flowers’ CAST location.

May 2024
From soil to centerpiece: Trends in home cutting gardens

Cut flowers aren’t just for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries; many homeowners are growing their own cut flower gardens to have a months-long supply of fresh flowers for their home and for gifting. According... more »

April 10, 2024
Monrovia research says gardening can improve mental health and wellness

A recent survey conducted by Monrovia found that nearly 50% of homeowners think gardening is good for their mental health and well-being. Additionally, 39% of the homeowners strongly agreed with the statement: “planting and working... more »
USDA offers toolkit for retailers to promote organics

April 2, 2024
USDA offers toolkit for retailers to promote organics

The USDA National Organic Program (NOP) has published an online retail toolkit of consumer-focused, educational resources to highlight the value of the organic label. Consumer research shows that consumers do not always understand what the... more »

April 2024
Top recommendations for shoulder-season sales

The power of plants is still a driving force in today’s consumer market — people just can’t get enough! The key for retailers, however, is to build on those initial spring fever sales, inspire them... more »
Many of the best innovations come from collaborations. Here’s how CountryMax partners with master gardeners to draw a crowd.

April 2024
Events that grow foot traffic — and your brand

At CountryMax, we take pride in our knowledgeable employees. But to bring our customers even greater gardening expertise, we team up with master gardeners from the Cornell Cooperative Extension. These growers have decades of experience... more »