Karli Heineman, owner of rare houseplants retailer Plant Vault in Encinitas, California.

May 2024
5 Minutes With … Karli Heineman By Teresa McPherson

Karli Heineman is the owner of rare houseplants retailer Plant Vault in Encinitas, California.

A Q&A with Karli Heineman, owner of rare houseplants retailer Plant Vault in Encinitas, California.

What do you love about your job?

The best part about my job is having the opportunity to interact with plants daily while earning a living. Whether I am catering to our inventory, devising marketing strategies or meeting with my amazing team, every task is a labor of love. I also find immense fulfillment in working closely with our wholesale clients and assisting them in selecting plants that resonate with their customers.

What has surprised you about opening Plant Vault?

Embarking on the Plant Vault journey has been an incredible ride, especially delving into the world of wholesale partnerships. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the deep connections we’ve formed with our wholesale clients. What’s even more unexpected is the strong sense of community that has flourished from these collaborations, driving us forward together. Additionally, hitting milestones like gaining 72,500 Instagram followers (@plant_vault) in just a year and a half has highlighted the growing appeal of Plant Vault’s vision. And receiving recognition from notable figures like Snoop Dogg and Slash from Guns N’ Roses, who recently gave us a shoutout and reposted one of our reels, has been an exciting affirmation of our brand’s impact and influence.

What is your biggest goal for the year?

My biggest goal for the year is to innovate and capitalize on emerging trends in the plant industry. With the rise of live sales, I aim to develop creative strategies to make them both engaging and lucrative, ensuring our customers have an enjoyable shopping experience. I’m also focused on making plant-related content more entertaining through engaging podcasts and captivating storytelling, ultimately fostering a greater appreciation for plants and their impact on the environment.

What is something that few people know about you?

Besides the fact that my parents accidentally sent me to clown camp one year? LOL! I began my career at the Academy Awards, where I had the opportunity to interact closely with industry luminaries. Interestingly, it was through these connections that I landed NASA as a client for my own PR and marketing agency later on in my career. At the agency, we worked on projects aimed at bridging the gap between the entertainment industry and scientific endeavors. This experience underscores my passion for fostering connections between seemingly disparate fields to drive positive change and gain attention through entertainment.

Favorite plant to grow? Why?

I’m particularly drawn to those I believe will become the next big trend in the plant world. Currently, I’m placing my bets on the philodendron ‘Orange Princess’, monstera Rhaphidophora tetrasperma ‘Albo’, philodendron ‘Green Congo Nuclear’ and rare Aglaonemas (all sold on plantvault.com).

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Teresa McPherson

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