Dümmen Orange Enters Tropicals Market with "Welcome to the Jungle" Program

May 26, 2022
Dümmen Orange Enters Tropicals Market

Dümmen Orange recently debuted its entry into tropical plants with its Welcome to the Jungle program.

The new indoor foliage houseplant program includes 50 varieties of popular houseplant categories currently available. Since they can be grown anywhere, Welcome to the Jungle is turnkey for any grower located throughout the U.S. and Canada. It reportedly offers growers a fast crop time of 10 to 14 weeks to grow all varieties in 4- to 6-inch pots. Welcome to the Jungle is easy for the grower, retailer and consumer with low water needs and tolerating a wide range of environments.

Head growers usually have a favorite crop, which is the one that grows and sells the fastest. Welcome to the Jungle is a sustainable product line that will sell fast, which is why any grower or broker will need this in their portfolio. Many colorful houseplants with an assortment of textures and habits are now available to add to any greenhouse and can be started from plugs or direct stick.

Dümmen Orange’s SPROUTS is an easy-to-stick, multi-stemmed and leaved plant that arrives pre-callused and ready to push out roots. After seeing that many foliage items are available only as liners or unrooted cuttings, Dümmen Orange looked at that model and created a way to help growers find popular foliage items that have the cost savings of a cutting and the benefits of a liner.

Traditional leaf and stem cuttings, especially when directly stuck, can be a challenge. Stems can be too small to pick up, containers have too many holes to dibble, plants get damaged at sticking and because plants are multi-stuck, finish plants may end up lopsided and not even. SPROUTS addresses all those concerns as only one plant is needed for small pot crops which reduces labor, waste, and potential lost sales. Dümmen Orange currently offers SPROUTS in three peperomia varieties: Leap Frog, Raisinet and Rosso, with more selections to come.

With its Welcome to the Jungle program, Dümmen Orange harvests each cutting to provide a more advanced plant for growers and retailers. Some varieties were even designed for heavy shade as these plants keep their color while being inside the home and cared for in uncertain levels of lighting. Confident colors, tantalizing textures and fancy foliage all sprout ahead to create the perfect retail display to grow urban jungles across North America.

For more information, visit na.dummenorange.com.