Smithers-Oasis introduces OASIS Forage products for floral arrangements

Nov 7, 2023
Smithers-Oasis introduces OASIS Forage products for floral arrangements

Smithers-Oasis recently unveiled OASIS Forage Products, allowing gardeners to craft stunning designs using foraged florals and foliage.

“Foraging is more than arranging plants in a vase. It is about connecting with nature and orchestrating her beauty,” said Laura Walsh, director of marketing at Smithers-Oasis. “Our goal is to offer expert guidance and inspiration for gardeners to transform the bounty from their own gardens, yards, fields, and wooded areas into captivating designs for themselves or to share.”

Gardeners, nature lovers, and home-décor enthusiasts converge on this satisfying way to bring nature inside. While the idea of foraged floral design is not new, how enthusiasts go about it is. Using design workshops as research, the Smithers-Oasis team discovered that while people have a profound attraction to this activity, the number one barrier to entry was fear.

Smithers-Oasis introduces OASIS Forage products for floral arrangementsWith a straightforward approach of “Seek it. Prep it. Create it.,” the company provides products and educational resources. With modern merchandising, competitive retail programs, and marketing support, the Forage products can be a partner for retail success.

The product line includes containers, tapes, wires, food and nutrition, cutting tools, and everything in between.

  • The Forage Create Kit is the ideal starting point for those looking to kickstart their foraging journey. This kit contains all the necessary supplies, including a 4-inch natural-colored pot made from sustainable agricultural harvest byproducts like bamboo skin, bind wire, OASIS Forage Foam, mossing pins, and scissors.
  • The kid-friendly kits featuring fun tiger and bear containers foster a love for nature and encourage children to explore the marvelous world of plants and flowers around them.

“We are thrilled to bring our floral expertise to the gardening industry and cultivate a community of flower hunters who seek inspiration and creativity in the great outdoors,” said Walsh. “Floral design is a gratifying activity that every gardener can enjoy, regardless of experience.”

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